November 8, 2002

Dear Dr. Beef,

My name is Lori, and I have had a 10 gallon saltwater fish tank now for about a month. In the tank is one Orange Brazilian Seahorse I got off the internet, live rock and some tiny hermit crabs. I been having a problem with ammonia in the tank, and have been doing frequent water changes (not too much). Last one I did was two days ago. I only changed about 1/2 gallon because it stresses him out so much. The ammonia is still a little high so I put ammonia lockout solution in the tank, which seems to be helping, but now the seahorse has ick.

What kind of medication can I use to clear this problem without it hurting the seahorse and live rock! Please let me know soon as possible (if you can). I don't want to lose him. Thank you in advance!

- Lori

Dear Lori,

I presume you ask me due to the photos of seahorses featured on this site (found here and here). I find seahorses magnificent, graceful creatures; I could watch them for hours. Unfortuately, I've never kept one and therefore know nothing regarding their care.

I do recall seeing on a television documentary that seahorses are very difficult to keep and did not recommend keeping them as pets.

However, you do have one and it's sick. I've had other fish who've contracted ick (ichtyophthirius), also known as "white spot disease." I never had such good luck in treating it. That, however, doesn't mean you won't.

I'd recommend contacting a local aquarium or specialized aquarium shop in your area. You can also scour the 'net for more information. A few I found when typing "seahorse ick disease" into Google are:

Ultimate Seahorse Yahoo Group's Ick Treatment Page
Fish Diseases from (They seem to feature quite a bit about seahorse care.)

Good luck and send us a photo when he's feeling better!

Dear Dr. Beef,

This is not a problem, more like a question. I am a high school teacher and I am taking a field trip to Graceland Cemetery [in Chicago]. Could you provide me with specific directions on how to find Eternal Silence, and the grave of Inez Clarke? I want to make sure my students see these two in particular (they are going to be writing a story based on those characters), and I don't want to run out of time looking for them. If you could send me this information by 8am tomorrow, I would greatly appreciate it!


- Mrs. D

I'll do my best! I basically stumbled through the place, and have not yet been back to really better familiarize myself with the paths.

Eternal Silence, a beautiful, haunting sculptural marker by renown sculptor Lorado Taft, is very easy to find. When entering at the corner of Clark Street and Irving Park Road, take the road headed towards the right. Just follow along and you'll be able to spot it long before you reach it. I found that one within my first two minutes in the cemetery.

Inez Clarke, however, is much more difficult. I drove around the place for quite a while before I found her. She's more towards the inner part of the cemetery, but unfortunately, I cannot give specific directions to her. I don't think she's terribly far from Eternal Silence, but I drove the entire length of the cemetery before spotting her. She's not super close to the road path, but you will easily spot her when you get close, as her monument, in a glass case, is the only one of its kind in that vicinity.

Just have the kids keep their eyes open for a little girl in a glass case. Feel free to print out the photos I've posted on my site to show your students so they may more easily recognize her.

From what I understand, though, you can request a map at the cemetery's office, which you'll find immediately upon entering at the Clark and Irving entrance.

I will say one thing: this particular cemetery has some really amazing, and I don't say that lightly, monuments. I'd say it's the most beautiful, elaborate cemetery in Chicago. It also has quite a reputation (the two monuments mentioned here included). You can view more of my personal photos of Graceland here, or see see some other photos along with more details about the residents here.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your visit!!

- Dr. Beef

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