April 25, 2003

Dear Dr. Beef,

Ok, I've started wearing the Anna Kournikova Sports Bras all the time, now, and they're really tight, but that's the way I like them! Plus, it makes them look smaller. I'm normally a C-cup, but I hate my boobs so I buy them in a B-cup, but they're not like, unbelievably tight, they're just as I like them. What I'm worried about is that there is no middle to the bra, so it does not separate my boobs from touching, and they're like, squashed together (not uncomfortably though)! But they don't look right. They're not like normal sports bras, they're like a tight tank top that stops under your boobs, kinda get the idea? Sorry i couldn't get a pic!

thanx :)

- Tight Titties

Dear Titties,

First of all, I'm not sure why you'd wear Anna Kournikova's sports bras, or why she'd give them to you in the first place. She's an athlete and surely sweats a lot. I surely wouldn't want to put her sweat-stained bras on MY titties, but that's just me. (I'm guessing a few of my male readers wouldn't think twice about putting them against their bare skin, though. Which parts of bare skin, however, I'll leave up to you to think on.)

Secondly, I DO know what a sports bra is. You didn't need to use 5 sentences to describe them or apologize for not having a photo.

That said, however, I don't know what long term affects on your breasts constantly wearing a too-small sports bra will be yours down the line. I would like to ask WHY you feel the need to make them look smaller.

It's sad that we can never be happy with what we've got. They're too small. They're too big. Jesus Christ! There are A-cup girls out there who'd give their boyfriend's right nut to have your C-cups, for Cliff's sake! Get over it! Quit stuffing them into undersized bras and trying to hide them! Let them out! They want to be freeeeeeeee!

Sports bras are okay for when you're playing sports or exercising, but I don't see the point in wearing them under regular clothes. They don't look right.

Get a regular bra - IN YOUR SIZE.

Dear Dr. Beef,

Recently, I've been trying to get with this girl I've known for a good while now. And it's been going good on my part, or so it seems. You see, more and more I've felt like she's been using me. In order to try and get her attention, I did the standard dinner/gifts/etc. And I've continued it, because I loved seeing her smile. And she's obessesed with her ex-boyfriend, whom she dated for 2 and a half years...who then proposed to her, and then dumped her. She's convinced she can get him back. I've tried to steer her more my way. However, nothing seems to work, and all my friends think she's using me for the gifts. What do you advise?

- Heartbroken

Dear Heartbroken,

I hate to be the one to tell you, but you need to step back and let this girl be.

She's using you. I don't just mean financially, either. You give her gifts. You give her dinner. You give her companionship. You give her an ear. You give her your full attention and affections.

You're giving and giving and giving, but really, what are you getting in return? Woes about her boyfriend, an empty wallet and heartache.

Pining for someone you can't have is not good for you. Most often, people covet those that they can't have because it's safe. They have a fantasy that they can mold in any way that they want in their heads. They don't have to deal with rejection because there's no chase, no risk. But all that does for you is keep you from letting in someone else who might be wonderful for you. Mostly, it keeps you lonely. You don't want that. Trust me. I've been there. I know what it's like. Don't waste your time doing that. Life is far too short.

You could tell her how you feel about her and what you want from the relationship, but chances are, if you've already been trying to steer her in your direction, she already knows and isn't interested in that type of relationship. You could try to sever your feelings for her and commit to just being friends with her, but if you feel that strongly for her, I think it might be better for you if you completely step back and cut her loose. It may be hard, but it's necessary. You need to give yourself some kind of closure.

Remove the blinders you're wearing. There are all kinds of other women all around you, every day. One of them will give herself to you as fully as you give yourself to her. Don't settle for a fantasy. You deserve more.

Good luck to you.

- Dr. Beef

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