Bachelor's Grove, supposedly not only the most haunted place in the Chicagoland area, but also one of the most haunted places in the country.

I got the distinct priviledge of visiting this place at night on my very first trip. Since then, I've been craving a trip back, preferrably during the day, so as to get a better view of the place (it gets extremely black out there at night), to explore more without fear.

I got my first chance. I was astounded to see in greater detail the disarray of the place, and saddened to see the destruction. One stone had purple spray paint on it. Countless others had been toppled, many with portions entirely missing. Most disturbing was all the trash: empty cigarette packages, fresh empty beer cans, large amounts of broken glass and more. One grave even looked as though someone had dug a shallow hollowing and built a bonfire. The lack of respect for the dead broke my heart.

The place overall really moved me. My friend Kelly and I even spoke aloud to the dead, in hopes that they would hear us, know that not all the living visitors are against them.

I think next time, I'll take a big garbage bag to rid the cemetery of as much garbage as I can pick up.

- August 3, 2002

You are here! Bachelor's Grove
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Chihuly in the Park
  The path leading to Bachelor's Grove.

The broken gate to the cemetery. Already, you can see the overgrowth of the foliage.

The Moss marker, one of few still standing upright, though there may have been something atop it.

The Frank marker, hidden in the wreckage of felled trees and overgrown weeds..

The Fulton stone, the largest and most impressive marker in the cemetery. To the right, you can see the "Father" marker.

The backside of the Fulton stone, with the small marker of "Infant Daughter," which, upon each visit, has had different little offerings to the lost child.

The Glowing Green Lake of Death glows green even during the day.

  Another stone, almost lost to the wild grasses.

A view of one corner of the cemetery. It hardly looks like a cemetery, but there it is.

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