Graceland Cemetery, 4001 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL

I've passed by Graceland so many times, and once, on a very hot, humid day, after visiting Wunder's just across the street, stepped a few feet into the cemetery. I'd already become sick from overexposure to the heat and sun, and not seeing anything off the mark which intrigued me, went back to my car.

After searching Chicago's Rosehill Cemetery for two markers and not finding them, I realized they were in Graceland. I knew I must go back.

Upon driving in, moving past the average, mostly more modern markers near the entrance, I found beauty I'd not quite anticipated. First, I saw a virtual avenue of gorgeous old masoleums. Just beyond them, I found the renown Laredo Taft piece, "Eternal Silence," which was one of the pieces I was looking for in Rosehill.

Later, after much driving, and even more ooohing and aaahing, I found the second of the two, the grave of child Inez Clarke. Unfortunately, my digital camera did not hold enough photos to capture all the markers I'd wanted to.

I will be returning periodically to this cemetery, with film for my 35 mm as well as my digital.

- August 3, 2002

You are here!
Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery
Chihuly in the Park
One of the first pieces I saw.
  I found this marker to be quite unusual and very lovely.
  "Eternal Silence," by renown sculptor Laredo Taft. Apparently, the entire piece was originally painted black, but weather eroded the paint except in less reachable areas, creating this haunting visage.
  Another view. As you can see, I'm rather enamored of this one.
  Aaaaaannd a close up.
  This beauty is a standout in a string of beautiful masoleums.
  Beautiful sculpture, though I'm tempted to start singing Monty Python's Knights of the Round Table from Holy Grail.
Stupid backlighting! This marker was really gorgeous, and much like many of the other markers in Graceland, quite unique.
This is just a taste of some of the truly spectacular masoleums and monuments.
  This one is just huge, and right on a small pond, too.
This monument positively reaches for the heavens.
It's a freakin' pyramid. And it's not the only one, either.
Just over to the right from the previous masoleum is this one. This pyramid monument even has a mini sphinx.
The Pullman monument. This is the same Pullman as the one whose name is connected with the railroad.
The wonders never seem to cease at Graceland. I love this marker.
A stunning marker in a less than stunning corner of the cemetery.
The final resting place of 6-year-old Inez Cooke. Legend has it that this beautiful effigy of the lightening-struck child disappears from its protective case during violent storms.
A close-up of Inez. I searched high and low for this marker. Took me a while, but I found her.

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