Rosehill Cemetery, Street, Chicago, IL

I was introduced to Rosehill Cemetery by a wonderful friend as we were sharing our city with a Texas Sissyfighter.

This cemetery is home to many "refugees" from the city cemetery that used to lie where upscale neighborhood Lincoln Park is now built. It is also home to countless beautiful monuments to the lives and loves lost to the people of Chicago.

I don't have a large number of photos from this cemetery, as our time was limited. I do intend to return to spend more time amongst its residents.

- August 3, 2002

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery
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  One of the most renown markers at Rosehill, this refugee from the Lincoln Park cemetery is the resting place of Frances Pearce and her infant daughter, who followed her in death four months later.
  This beautiful marker was strangely removed of its text. It appears to have been very roughly removed.
  I found this old marker very intriguing. The old text had eroded off, but, unlike most other markers in similar states of wear, has had a small plaque with all the vital information attached at the bottom.
  This lovely child, Lulu Fellowes, is very reminiscent of Graceland's Inez Cooke. Interestingly, she had several "offerings" both in front of the stone and inside (including money and candy inserted into the case).
  I've seen many variations of the tree trunk marker, but this one's a bit more extravagant and exceptionally beautiful.

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