Wunder's Cemetery, Clark Street, Chicago, IL

Wunder's is the first cemetery I ventured into simply for aesthetic reasons. It's just south of Graceland, and I drove past them both many, many times before making a trip to wander them.

This is a rather small cemetery, compared especially to the much larger Graceland and Rosehill, and not as stunning in terms of extravagant markers and monuments, but a beautiful one in its own right.

It was here that I first realized how quiet and serene a cemetery can be, despite the busy city streets just a few yards away. The sounds of a huge city of the living virtually disappear.

I spent over an hour there, just walking amongst the residents, peering at the names, wondering what kinds of things these people witnessed in their lifetimes, sometimes speaking to them, just in case they're lingering, watching and listening.

- August 3, 2002

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery
You are here!
Chihuly in the Park
  A well-worn marker, which I think once represented a vined tree stump.
  I was touched by the small bouquet of silk roses at the base of this unreadable marker.
  A particularly lovely obelisk marker.
  A tree is threatening to topple these old markers.
  Not much that's decipherable on this stone remains save for the dove of peace.
  I loved this wagon wheel marker, which is still in great shape despite its years.
  A touching display of love in this marker. I love the way they are separate but connected.

  Many of these are in a similar state, the figure missing its head, arm still around the animal (a lamb, maybe?).


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