The Garfield Park Conservatory was the host for Chihuly in the Park - an exhibition of works by glass artist Dale Chihuly in an extravagant greenhouse setting.

Almost missing the whole thing, I luckily learned of its date of close the night before it would be gone from the Conservatory. I went on the last day of the extended exhibition and was very glad I did.

It was quite a stunning exhibition and I could say a lot about it, but I think I'll let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

- November 4, 2002

Bachelor's Grove
Graceland Cemetery
Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery
Rosehill Cemetery
Wunder's Cemetery
You are here! Chihuly in the Park
  The first piece you see, large and blue.

Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust for backlighting on this one, but I did get a shot from the opposite side, which you'll see later.

These are just cool.

There were several of these flowers-in-vase type of pieces.

Neat shapes on these!

Beautiful silvery color!

This is the other side of the previously-mentioned piece.

  I just loved this setup. You'll find four shots of this from different directions.
  Number two.
Number three.
  Number four.

  Okay, so this is not a Chihuly, but I thought it a beautiful flower.

  Lillypad looking things!

  Cacti things!

  Also a natural flower, not a Chihuly glass. These were just so cool! I was afraid to touch them for fear they'd snap my finger!

  Another of the above.

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