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Note - If I am elected president, Soylent Green will be the official food and copies of 1984 and Brave New World will be passed out as reference manuals to survive modern society.

Note the second - Although this column was written a while back, I think that the message the column has is timeless.

The Future

The future can be a frightening place, because it is so unknown. Ten years ago, who would have thought the USSR would collapse or that we would veer maddeningly from world peace to complete dissolution. The future stands as a monolith-sized question mark.

We lie trembling at the feet of a vague and misty beast. We fear of what might be or what might not be. We are afraid that God just might play dice with the Universe.

An essential reason for this is because we are afraid that we might not be there for the future. Will our children grow up safely? Will the world become a garbage dump? Will I live to see Nolan Ryan retire from baseball? Death is not the avatar for our fear, just an element.

There are two trains of thought on this subject - Fatalists and Heroes. I like to think of myself riding the latter train. The Fatalists are a much larger group than the Heroes, unfortunately. A Fatalist will wake-up at the end of the world, shrug their shoulders, and say that there was nothing that they could do. A Hero will wake up and say, "Goddamn it! I'm not just going to stand here and take this." A Fatalist will conform and go down with the ship while a Hero will use his last bit of strength to swim to far-away safety.

Carl Sandburg once took the road less travelled. Yet most people will ignore the mystery and wonder and will follow the Fatalists into the Future like lemmings because it is safe. Instead of striding out and making a dream destiny, we may decide to lie down safely in stagnant waters.

Maybe that is why America is falling behind the world at times. Possibly our country is no longer excited about the future Maybe we are fear the lengthening shadows behind us. Many times, we have to have our back against the proverbial wall to make change happen.

So what can we do? What is the secret to the Future? We are. People are the answer to the cryptic riddle. It is not governments or armies that have or will shape "To be...", it is the student who stood against the tanks of Tianamen Square that will mold Fate.

We hold the key to our destiny. We must grasp it and hold on to it twists and contorts around us. To finish, in the words of Neil Peart (who spoke of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory) - "Just do it."

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