Wake Up!
by Max Power

Please see Max's special 9/11 column here.


Why don't we attack China? Why don't we attack North Korea? Why don't we kill Castro and take over Cuba? Sound familiar? These are the kind of questions I've been hearing from people I know who can't get a grip on why we are in Iraq or why we ever need to fight period. Well my little democratically blinded deadheads it's like this…when someone says they will do everything in their power to kill you and those like yourself you can either roll over and wait for sweet death or defend yourself.

Saddam said last fall that it was every Arabs duty to kill every Westerner possible. This was coming from a "man" that had a large army, possessed chemical and biological weapons, and was slaughtering everyone in his country that did not agree with him or who he thought was a threat to his supreme control. So what are we supposed to do just wait for something worse than September 11th to happen?

The usual response I get is "So if he had all these WMDs why haven't we found them?" How soon you have forgotten my little pacifist. Every single member of the U.N. Security Council said he had them; this includes France, China and Russia. Hell France, Russia and China helped him secure and develop most of them and they still said he was a threat. The whole world knows he used them on the Kurds and Shiites after the first Gulf War. So why the hell do you think he didn't have them? Dumbass.

"If we are going to go after every repressive regime why not China?"
It's called choosing your battles. We do have a finite amount of resources to expend and taking on a known nuclear power with a population of 1 billion would probably tax us to the point where the draft would be used and I'm sure the government would reinstate rationing of food and fuel. How would you think people would react to that knowing how some idiots are reacting to us defending ourselves against someone who vowed to kill us?

"It's just because Bush does so much business with China."
Wrong. If you put down your kaleidoscope and look back to the Clinton presidency you'll remember it was Bill who wanted to give China favored nation trade status and Bill who received tons of cash form his Chinese buddies; so party politics has little to do with it. I don't agree with trading with China but I do understand the economic repercussions of what would happen if we stopped all trade with them.

"Fine. What about North Korea?"
Pretty much the same argument in terms of our resources and current responsibilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kim Jung Il is a nut job and needs to be dealt with eventually but why should it be only up to the U.S. to fix everything in the world? Europe needs to get off its unshowered ass and contribute more to world security than just a few hundred guys in Africa who end up running away anytime a group of rabble come at them with a few AK47s.

I know I'm simplifying things but I really believe that you need to finish one thing at a time. I think it was the right thing to do by going into Iraq. I think the timing kinda sucked but someone had to make the Iraqis accountable for their actions. After all the whole U.N. had been saying for over 12 years to Saddam they weren't going to stand for his shenanigans. But unless you finally put your foot down, a bully like Saddam will never stop just because you ask nicely. That being said we have to stay the course in Iraq. If we don't it will give rise to more guys like Saddam and give a victory to terrorism.

Finally, just to let everyone know, I am not a Republican I am not a Democrat I make my own mind up on issues. To follow a certain party's doctrine just because you might agree with 1 or 2 aspects is stupid; then you're just part of a herd. I don't completely agree with how things are being handled in Iraq right now but we are trying and if you insist on criticizing everything that is being done over there then have some solutions to share. If you don't have any well thought out solutions then shut up. We could not avoid this conflict. Saying you will not go to war when the terrorists have already made war upon you is asinine. Criticizing is easy it's the doing that's hard.

-Max Power



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