Wake Up!
by Max Power

I'm writing this in response to all the anti-America crap that I am seeing. We are fighting what I believe is a just war and I want to address some of the arguments against this war. First, and foremost is the ridiculous argument that we are doing this solely to control Iraqi oil. Well, I hate to break it to all of you but the country with the largest interest in Iraqi oil is France (approx. 7 billion in oil/trade contracts). The country with the second biggest interest in Iraqi oil is Russia (more than 3 billion in oil/industrial trade contracts). Supposedly, no one was to do this kind of business with Iraq until Sadamm disarmed. I wonder why both of these countries so vehemently fought us in the U.N. (Useless Nations) to stop our use of force to liberate Iraq. Was it because they have been breaking the embargo that they themselves signed onto? Doing this by shipping prohibited military parts and supplies, as recently as January in France's case or as few as five days ago in the case of Russia who shipped GPS jamming equipment. This jamming equipment if successful would cause a missile heading for a military target to veer off and possibly kill civilians, which could then be used as propaganda by the Iraqi/Arab press. Or that once the allies were in control enough to search for and destroy WMDs that the allies would find the paper trail leading right back to Sadaam's friend Chirac or our new buddy Russia. But this could not be the reason; it's because those countries don't believe in the use of force ever. Yeah right. Russia is attempting to suppress a revolt in Chechnya. The U.N. has said that by doing so Russia is engaged in an illegal action.

Speaking of illegal action... many uninformed say that we are in Iraq illegally. Since these people are speaking from a point of being uninformed let me clear things up. We are at war with Iraq, both in the physical sense and the legal sense. When the coalition forces sat down with the regime of Sadaam at the end of the Gulf War in 1991 all parties agreed to a CEASE FIRE. This would culminate with an end to the hostilities when Sadaam fully, completely, and IMMEDIATELY (he was given 45 days back then) disarmed. He has not disarmed, even after 12 YEARS, the cease-fire is over and we have resumed what should have been done then. Also, for those who have not noticed we, along with Britain, have been bombing military targets in both the northern and southern no fly zones for over a decade which, by the way, was done mostly during a democratically controlled White House.

What of those dreamers who believe that the Sadaam regime could be made to disarmed peacefully? Wake up! If I walk up to you and punch you in the face and you say stop it and I punch you in the face again, what do you do? Let's say you run to your friends and make a leaflet saying, "No more punching in the face" and give it to me and I punch you in your face. What then? I know...get one of your big buddies to say if I punch you in the face again you will get your buddy to beat me up. Okay... I read this and instead of punching you in the face I kick you in the balls...for twelve years. You don't let your buddy lift a finger because for some reason you think I can be reasoned with even though I never do anything but punch and kick you. This is exactly what happened in the case of Sadaam. Why should he change his behavior when there are no consequences? In fact the French and other so-called allies have rewarded him with under the table business deals and anti-American rhetoric. Would you change the way you did things if you were given the impression that nothing would happen to you? He is a barbarian who understands nothing but force. This is obvious by the way he keeps power.

For all those protesters who block commerce and say we are living in a police state… please go live in Iraq or Iran or better yet North Korea and try to protest or disrupt traffic shouting antigovernment/regime slogans and see how you are treated. If you think you would be putting yourself in danger you might want to reconsider who is living in the police state and shut the fuck up. If you think nothing would happen to you, your family, your friends, your teachers or clergy then by all means go to those countries and try to change things.

What all of the nay Sayers are missing is that leaders like Sadaam and Kim Jong Il do not care what you think, they do not care about their populaces, they are only interested in personal power. They only want to hold on to their power while their people starve. Sadaam has more than 20 palaces while his people starve due to sanctions. A word on the sanctions. It is Sadaam's fault the sanctions are in place not ours. If he disarmed sanctions would be lifted. If France and the rest cared so much about the Iraqi people it would not be doing all it could to keep Sadaam in place.

Here is another hilarious argument, the one for continued inspections. The inspections were containing Sadaam. First, resolution 1441 was about disarming him not containing him. Second, he was not contained. Let me use an analogy: let's say I have a drum of anthrax somewhere in Chicago, significantly smaller than the country of Iraq. I give 12 people a jar of anthrax each to either hide or try to get out of the city limits of Chicago. Now, I let 100 inspectors into the city to try to locate the anthrax, all the while I'm doing everything possible to make sure they don't find it. Do you honestly believe they can find the jars? Are they going to be able to stop every person entering or leaving Chicago? Will 100 people be able to look in every house, apartment, business ,under every rock or dig up every backyard and park? There is no way they could find even one jar if I didn't want them to. This is about how many inspectors were in Iraq to search a whole country, a lot of which is made of desert, which is easy to hide things in. One of those jars making it out is all it takes for a severe terrorist attack.

Everyone needs to look at what is going on with realistic eyes not with the vision of how things would be with everyone hugging. These despotic leaders don't want hugs they want power. Not everyone likes us and will never like us. Deal with it. Just because many don't like what is happening does not mean we should not do it. Didn't Europe learn from what happened with Hitler? They tried to appease him and he rolled right into Paris. Russia signed a no aggression pact with him and he attacked them. People need to understand those like Sadaam and Hitler want it all and cannot be reasoned with; they will fight right until their deaths and take many innocents with them.

What about the argument that we will only cause more terrorists attacks. Hey dumbasses! They hit us first or did you already forget September 11th or the WTC bombing years earlier. In fall of last year Sadaam, in his state run newspaper, called for all Arabs to kill as many Westerners as possible. Does this sound like someone that can be reasoned with? Bin Laden attacked us because he felt the United States was weak willed and fearful to use force to protect itself. That is why this is happening because the terrorists and despots see countries like France and Germany fighting us in the U.N. and think we don't have the will to do what is right. We have to do what we say we are going to do or no one will take us seriously. If no one takes us seriously there will be more attacks not less. We need to show these oppressors that we have the will to defend our allies and ourselves. If we don't act we are no more powerful than a bar of soap at a French university.

I realize some of you will not agree with me; but consider this: we live in the greatest nation in the world. It is not our military power that makes us great it is the opportunity that this nation provides us. That is why millions of people from around the world, including Arab nations, want to live here. You don't hear about people from here going to live in Iran or Yemen because they think that they will have a better life there. Whether you agree with the war or not, it is your duty as an American to support the troops fighting in Iraq to bring the Iraqis freedom from a murderous thug. We all owe these troops thanks. Because of them and those who have gone before them we have the freedoms we all enjoy. If you are wholly against what is going on ask yourself if you would want to live somewhere else. If you do, please go because there are hundreds of people all over the world who will risk everything to come here and take your place.

Make room.

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