Wake Up!
by Max Power


Like a lot of you I have been watching huge amounts press coverage on the war in Iraq. Is it just me or are the reports on most of the major news networks making it seem like the U.S.A. is losing this conflict? All I hear or see makes it seem like the vaunted Iraqi army is making swarma out of our troops. From what I glean from the international media the coalition troops are either busy being routed or on civilian killing sprees. Hell, in a Pakistani paper the day after the ground assault started it was reported that the U.S. had dropped 2, not 1 but 2, atomic bombs on Baghdad. I'm not making this up they really printed it. Nice "allies" on the war on terror. Now that's good professional journalism.

So, let me get this straight, on just the 13th day of this war we haven't traveled the length and width of Iraq. We haven't taken thousands of Iraqi troops prisoner. We haven't killed or wounded thousands of Iraqi troops. We haven't completely rendered the fierce Iraqi airforce harmless. We haven't liberated thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens while providing much needed humanitarian assistance. And we haven't done all of this with the loss of less than 80 of our brave soldiers.

Believe me; I think that if even one of the coalition troops or innocent civilians dies it is a tragedy. That being said…we are at war; war is fought with bullets and things that explode, not with pillows and potato guns. Fortunately our forces have all the best bullets and exploding things. The coalition is doing everything possible to limit civilian deaths (collateral damage is way to impersonal) while the self appointed leader (who is convinced he is the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar) is using his own people as human shields, placing weapons in hospitals and schools, or allowing his troops to fire at coalition forces from one of Islam's most sacred sites, the mosque known as the Tomb of Ali. It was not our forces that opened fire on ordinary Iraqis who were trying to flee Basrah it was Saddam's death squads. We are not the ones barring the Red Cross/Crescent access to prisoners of war it is the Iraqi regime. Does the Arab press report any of these atrocities? Nope. They would rather focus on the deaths of innocents that were shot when they ran a checkpoint and failed to stop regardless of all the signs and warnings which included firing into the van's radiator. Everyone regrets that that had happened, but what do you expect when days earlier a man in civilian clothes pulled up to a checkpoint in a taxi and acted like he needed help then detonating the car bomb killing 4 American soldiers who were attempting to help. If the Armed Forces just backed off and left after such incidents then terrorism wins once again, spawning more Bin Ladens because they would see us as weak-willed.

There are also numerous reports of terrorists converging on Iraq to martyr themselves for the Muslim world. Good. This accomplishes 2 things. 1: it will allow us to strike down more terrorists without having to chase them all over the world. 2: it rids Islam of radical fundamentalists who are giving Islam the image of a religion of hate. The faster the world is rid of these assholes the sooner we can begin to repair the damage they have wrought. I know that this is a little off topic but don't you think if on 9/11 the terrorists had a chance to kill 300,000 instead of 3000 they would have done it. You know they would have and there would have been celebrations all over the Mideast. Yet they are blindingly fast to condemn the coalition when innocents are killed in the course of the fighting in Iraq.

I really wish all of these Arab thugdoms would tell the truth about the U.S.'s role in the Mideast. Granted a lot of mistakes have occurred in regards to diplomacy between our 2 cultures but I'm curious why the leaders of countries like Egypt who receives about 6 billion/year in aid from the U.S. doesn't tell their populace about it. Instead Egyptian state run newspapers denounce the U.S. and give a forum to the radicals to call for Jihad. How about all of the Palestinians crying for our blood because we are allies of Israel. I don't agree with Israeli policy concerning Palestine, but that's for another column. Why don't the Palestinians and their supporters denounce the kingdom of Jordan? The Palestinians are where they are because King Abdulah, the father of the current king, kicked the Palestinians out of Jordan killing thousands of them during the process. Why? Because he understands that Arafat and his terrorist tactics would only bring harm to Jordan and its interests. Where's the anger towards Jordan. No criticism of Jordan seems to smack of racism... Arab good America bad.

Listen up all you protesting morons. We are at war now. There is no hope for stopping this conflict short of a coalition victory. There are only 2 sides now… winners and losers. What side do you want to be on? I realize that it is more complicated than that and that there are some gray areas especially concerning post war Iraq. But right now it is imperative that we stand behind our troops in order for the world to eliminate this evil tyrant thus sending a message to others who would do us harm. We are not dealing with people who value human life. Most of the League of Arab Nations won't even recognize Israel as a country. In fact, many of them have said publicly that they will not rest until Israel is destroyed and all of the Israelis killed. But in their eyes we are the bad guys bent on killing Arab civilians. No wonder Israel has taken the tough stance they have taken. How would you react if everyone around you wanted to kill you because of your beliefs or ethnicity? Enough rambling. In future columns I will be more focused on specific events and reactions. Thanks to the good Doctor for giving me a platform to vent from.




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