Wake Up!
by Max Power


As I woke up today and turned on the news I saw that coalition forces have apparently found a large cache of WMDs; specifically 2 powerful nerve agents, sarin and tabun, as well as a mustard gas-like agent which causes severe blistering. How the hell can this be? According to Iraq they have no such WMDs. Iraq's claim was strongly backed by Syria's U.N. ambassador who said shortly after a U.N. meeting "They told everyone they don't have any. What else can I say? They don't have any chemical weapons." This statement coming from a representative of a country that has been attempting to help the Saddam loyalists since the fighting began. Syria is also a known state sponsor of terrorist groups and is essentially occupying Lebanon, which is the Club Med for terrorists training camps. So what should we believe? Should we just take Iraq and Syria's word for it like the majority of the U.N. has or believe what we can see and touch? Well…in France, Germany, and China they believe them. After all the omniscient U.N. weapons inspectors said there was no evidence of such weapons.

What about Iraq's link with terror groups? Most of the U.N. Security Council agreed there was no evidence of an Iraqi-terrorist link. So how come American forces found and destroyed a huge Ansar Al Islam terrorist training compound in northern Iraq, in a Saddam controlled area. This wasn't a temporary encampment. It was a sprawling compound with fixed concrete buildings including a chemical weapons training lab and multiple barracks that could house hundreds of people. Once again, how could this be? Iraq said they had no terrorist connection. France, Germany, Russia and China said there was no connection. The majority of the U.N. Security Council said there was no terrorist connection. They all cried we were unnecessarily persecuting poor old Saddam. We told them about the connections, we showed them the intelligence we had gathered; we shared with them the stories of those who had fled Iraq to get away from the brutality of Saddam's regime. They chose to believe Saddam and not the ally that had repeatedly given the blood of its own sons and daughters so that they may live in a free world.

Either these counties are as dumb as they are stupid or they are not truly our allies and have some hidden agenda that does not coincide with the best interests of the United States. This, unfortunately, is not just a European issue. Right on our own continent this jealousy or actual animosity towards the U.S. exists. The prime minister of Canada has openly called for his public to protest U.S. citizens and interests. This culminated at a Montreal Canadian hockey game when the Canadians played a team from the U.S. When the U.S. national anthem was played the Canadian crowd booed and jeered so the anthem was drowned out. An even more disgusting Canadian display occurred at a youth hockey game in Canada when again an American youth hockey team played a Canadian team. Members of the Canadian team along with their parents in the stands shouted anti-American slogans at the 8-10 year old Americans. Reportedly even the referees of the game were telling the American youngsters that George Bush was evil and they hoped our troops lost in Iraq. All of this coming from a country that could not survive without trade from the U.S. On the Southern border we have Mexico. Vicente Fox runs this corruption-ridden cesspool of a nation. Fox wants freer trade with us but doesn't want to bear any of the cost for border security that this would encompass. He was very reluctant after 9/11 to join the U.S. in our global war on terror. He was against us in our deployment to Afghanistan and did not back us in the U.N. in regards to the Iraqi matter. Do I really need to point out what kind of state Mexico would be in without the huge U.S. economy to the north?

On to our "allies" in Western Europe. France and Germany stand against us. Fine let's pull out all of our military bases from Germany, stop buying German cars, beer, and other German products and see how they do. We don't need bases there anymore because through America's vigilance and sacrifice the Soviet Union has crumbled reuniting East and West Germany. Certainly Germany, a country as big as the state of Wisconsin, would have no trouble surviving the economic loss of the U.S. consumer when they have such powerful friends as France and Russia. After all… half of Germany already speaks Russian. If not for our sacrifice all of Germany would have been just another Soviet satellite country.

What about Russia? In my view Russia is beginning to understand that it is no longer the world power it once was and it doesn't like it. So to remedy the situation Russia is attempting to forge a coalition against the U.S. in the U.N. Russia is also covertly providing weapons and technology to all those who would wish to do us harm. They have basically armed all of the Mideast and continue to do so. The Russian embassy staff was in Baghdad was until just 2 days ago (4/5/03). Doesn't this strike anybody as a little strange? Why were they there for so long? What could they have been doing when it was obvious that coalition forces were moving in and Saddam is going to lose? Were they giving strategic advice to Saddam's military leaders? Were they busy destroying documents and other evidence of Russia's illegal dealings with the Iraqi dictator before getting the hell out of there? Whatever they were doing I'm sure it had nothing to do with helping the oppressed Iraqi people. It was quite a shame when their convoy was attacked by the same troops they might have been trying to aid. Delicious irony.

France,France,France…dirty underpants. Someone please tell me why we should keep sacrificing our troops lives to help these asswipes. We saved those stinking douchbags in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. Yup, Vietnam. Vietnam was basically a French colony that they lost control of. We rushed in to help, sacrificing our lives so that they could slink away back to France to be with their mistresses. Nobody mentions that it was in part due to France's imperialist desires that Vietnam bit everyone in the ass. Why should we continue to help them when they pay us back by sowing anti-American sentiment and by doing whatever possible to impede the interests of America and our allies? Screw those pompous morons! How dare they say coalition forces should not have a role in the reconstruction of Iraq. That's right they say we shouldn't have a role. After the coalition has spent billions, shed our troops blood, provided millions of tons of aid we should just step aside and let the incompetent U.N. take the lead. I wonder what people from countries like Kosovo and Rwanda think about that. The U.N. did a real bang up job there. France, Germany, Russia, and China didn't lift a finger, send their sons and daughters into battle, or even send a single Euro to help out. Screw them!

Here's another Max Power analogy. The Bears and Packers are playing a football game in Chicago. The Bears win and in the process lose a few players to injury. After the game the Packer fans are given the credit for the Bears victory as well as all of the ticket and concession monies. During the after game press conference the Packer fans claim if not for them the Bears would not have won. On top of that they say the Bears should not be allowed to play again and the Packer fans should be given control of the Bears organization. This is the logic the French are using. Gee I wonder why they haven't been a world power for over 250 years. Enough. Quit pretending to be our friends and just come out and say you are against us. If you think you could flourish without our help and protection then please do so because our money can be put to better use in other places.

Check out this link http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,82386,00.html.



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