Wake Up!
by Max Power


Hey everybody guess what…the coalition has defeated Saddam's army. It wasn't the bloodbath for the coalition that was promised by the very credible Iraqi "information" minister. It wasn't the 1000 Mogadishus that was hoped for by many of the protestors. It wasn't another Vietnam that many retired military "experts" had expected. It was an easier victory than those who had planned it had even hoped for.

Now that the major fighting is over why can't those who opposed the action shut up and help in some way. If they are so worried about the oppressed why don't they help out by volunteering in their communities by working at a soup kitchen, volunteering their valuable time at a youth center or just by being supportive to the effort to bring true freedom to the Iraqis instead of being derisive here at home.

Some might cry out, what about all the looting and the destruction of some museum artifacts? Hey stupid, these people have been oppressed for the better part of three decades, what did you expect. After all, it only takes a sports event here or in Europe to spark large riots and looting. If it happens so easily here why wouldn't happen in a place like Iraq given the past conditions? Remember when many said the military plan was not going to work or that we didn't have enough troops in Iraq to do the job? Have those people come clean by saying they were wrong? Nope. Now it's looting. Listen up; you were wrong about the decision to remove Saddam. If you think he was going to disarm peacefully you are delusional and apparently refuse to look at the facts and his past behavior. You had better review who you stand with. Allow me to help with that review.

CNN's network news chief, Eason Jordan, has recently admitted on 4/11/03 in the New York Times that his news agency had learned some "awful things" about Saddam's regime. These awful things included murders, rapes, tortures, and assassination plots. He said CNN did not report these things because it "would have jeopardized the lives of Iraqis, particularly those on our Baghdad staff." But as recently as last October Jordan denied that CNN's coverage had skimped on the truth about the situation in Iraq. In fact one of the CNN Baghdad staff was tortured by Saddam's secret police, but this was not reported so that CNN could keep it's Baghdad bureau and keep bringing you the exclusive coverage CNN was getting by towing the Iraqi government line. It's no wonder that CNN was the main source of information for those opposing the war. Will this revelation change how any of these idiots view the war? Probably not. People who are worried about how everyone thinks about them will be too afraid to come clean.

How about everybody's best friend France. France is screwed now that Chirac has painted himself into a corner. The French did everything they could to make sure that the U.N. did not keep its word in dealing with Saddam. Now the world is finding out why. Besides the billions in oil contracts the French had with Saddam they were also selling the tyrant weapons after the cessation of hostilities in 1991, which were prohibited by the U.N. Just yesterday 4/15/03 U.S. Marines found 4 ground-to-ground missiles that were French produced and bore a date of 2002! According to a senior military advisor these missiles could only be sold state to state. That fact eliminates the excuse that Iraq obtained these via the black market. This is the government that says we are morally wrong for using military force to free Iraq from a demented dictator. They have broken international law, one they helped legislate, and should be called on it. This action put weapons in the hands of a "man" that could have been used on his neighbors in the region, his enemies in the region (Israel, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia), or his own people. It should be obvious to anyone that the French have no moral leg to stand on. They really and truly are not our allies and are only interested in financial gain even if it means propping up a dictator that slaughters his own populace. Think about it. What is the stereotypical Frenchman like? Rude and hating all things American. This view of the French population has been in our culture since the end of the First World War. There is a reason for it. They don't like us and never will and long as they are intoxicated by their own stench. To let them have any part of Iraqi reconstruction other than humanitarian aid is folly.

Coalition forces have also been finding Russian weapons produced as late as 2001,tons and tons and tons of them. The most disturbing of these is a newer type of shoulder fired RPG (rocket propelled grenade) that have the ability to take out American Abrams tanks. The U.S. did not lose 1 tank to enemy fire in the first Gulf War and could not figure out how we were losing tanks in this conflict since it was believed the Iraqis had no weapons that could oppose the tanks. After finding the Russian produced weapons they figured out how this was happening. Thanks Russia, you are real partners in the war on terror.

Speaking of terror. Abu Abbas, the mastermind of the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro, was captured in Baghdad yesterday at his Palestine Liberation Front headquarters. HIS HEADQUARTERS, PEOPLE, HIS HEADQUARTERS! This wasn't a tent in the desert it was an office building in the city of Baghdad. Just another example of Iraq's ties to terrorism. Ties that were denied by Iraq and not believed by France, Germany, Russia, and China. When are people going to wake up and begin to understand that bad people lie and stupid people believe them?

It is becoming abundantly clear that it is going to be up to the U.S. and our current allies (those who helped in Iraq) to fight terrorism alone. Just recently the E.U. (European Union) foreign policy chief, Solara, said that the U.S. should cool down the threats to Syria regarding the harboring of Iraqi officials. This sentiment was echoed by many Arab states. This just sounds like appeasement speech to me. Apparently these knuckleheads refuse to learn from history or from recent events. Sometimes you have to make waves when you are trying to do what is right for the long term. Those in power in Europe and the Middle East are happy enough to live with the status quo even if that means dealing with murderous thugs and terrorist regimes. As long as the trouble is not in their countries or they can profit from the bad elements, everything should be left alone. Who cares that the Syrians are crapping their pants. Good. They should be. They are harboring war criminals and terrorists organizations and the coalition is on their doorstep. Why not bring pressure on them to change their dealings? It would make the world a safer place for everyone except those who wish to do free people harm. The rest of the world better come to grip with the fact that America will never forget September 11, 2001.




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