Wake Up!
by Max Power


Now that the military portion of the Iraqi liberation is essentially over the U.N. is attempting to come in and run the place. When I say the U.N. I am referring to those in the United Nations who were opposed to the coalition liberation effort. Since that includes the majority of the Security Council and the Secretary General, Kofi Annan, I am just going to say U.N. This U.N. effort is being called for by many nations and war protesters to "legitimize" the rebuilding effort, hunting down of WMDs, and ratification of a new democratic Iraqi government. I want to know how an organization with very little actual credibility has come to be the world recognized provider of legitimacy when most of what it has done in recent decades has been enormous failures diplomatically or most importantly humanitarily.

The U.N. is a farce when it comes to trying to do the right thing for oppressed people all over the world. Let's go over a few of the appointments for various commissions in the U.N. Currently the U.N. has Libya as head of the commission on Human Rights. It's true, the U.N. felt that a country run by a tyrannical dictator and oppresses his own people to the point where 50% of the populace doesn't have even basic services such as clean water, electricity, and education should head the commission in charge of stopping such oppression. Fantastic choice! That's the way to show the rest of the world you are serious about human rights on the planet. Were you also aware that Iraq was the head of the Disarmament Commission? That's right, the U.N. put Iraq in charge of the Disarmament Commission while the U.N. was passing resolutions against that country because it refused to disarm after the Gulf War. Wow. Even the most illogical narrow-minded war protester has to admit that makes absolutely no sense. That's like putting John Wayne Gacy in charge of investigating abuse charges at the day care center. If this is legitimacy then we should not want any part of it.

The U.N. was put in charge of rebuilding the government in Kosovo 5 years ago and they still do not have a stable government there today. Many complain about the chaos going on in Iraq right now but did you know that while the U.N. was in charge of security in Kosovo 7000 civilians were killed in ethnic cleansing while the U.N. troops stood and watched. In Rwanda ethnic cleansing killed 80,000 civilians while the U.N. sat and debated about what to do. In Congo over 3,500,000 people have died in ethnic fighting during the last 4 and a half years. Where is the U.N. outrage? Over the last few decades Muslims have been slaughtering non-Muslims to the tune of 2,000,000 people in Sudan. The U.N. is too busy with doing business with Sadddam or frustrating the U.S. in Iraq to help those people. The U.N. was a little too late for the 1 million killed in Cambodia by Pol Pot . To this day human rights abuses are occurring in Cuba and the U.N. refuses to even place a travel embargo on that country.

Despite all of the facts above and the recent revelations about the oil for food program people still clamor for the U.N. to lead the rebuilding effort. These idiots are making my point. NO MATTER WHAT THE U.S. DOES SOME PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS HATE THE U.S. For example, when coalition forces find evidence of a huge WMD program or the WMDs many will say that the coalition planted them there. If that's the case what difference does it make if the U.N. inspectors are brought in to "legitimize " the find. People can still say the stuff was planted there before the U.N. got there. This kind of thinking is fanaticism. Fanaticism for hatred of the U.S. It was Winston Churchill who once said," A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." These fanatics won't admit that what the coalition did was for the greater good of the Iraqis because they are blinded by their hatred for the U.S. Even when confronted with the facts on how France, Russia, and others were profiting from Iraqi oppression, the U.S. is still the bad guy. I don't get it.

The U.N. served its purpose after WWII but is now so fraught with corruption and clandestine partnerships that it needs to be absolved. We are now fighting a war against a group of people with no country to defend and are willing to kill themselves in order to do us harm. If coalition intelligence gets word of an impending terrorist attack backed by some rogue state we don't have the luxury of years and years to debate on what should be done. We need to take action because lives are at stake and the attack can come from within our own borders. This kind of action can't be done within the confines of the glorified debating society known as the U.N. Times change and so has the nature of world conflict. If the U.N. does not change with the current world climate it is doomed to irrelevancy. While we wait for the rest of the world to get its shit together we need to worry about our security. When the world catches up we should join them to ensure security for all nations but we can't wait while soulless fanatics attack us.

Max Power


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