Wake Up!
by Max Power


This weekend I had the pleasure of discussing the current world climate with someone I respect but who was severely uninformed. This person believed that just because of one attack (9/11/01) the U.S. has no right to topple regimes that are sworn to destroy our allies and us. ONE ATTACK?! What a joke. The truth is we have been under attack from Islamic terrorists for over 23 years. It was my great pleasure to bring this person up to date on the war terrorists are waging on us. Let me share the facts with you as well.

In the fall of 1979 during a fundamentalist uprising in Iran students stormed the U.S. embassy compound (all embassies are recognized as soil of that country) taking U.S. citizens hostage for well over a year. The president at the time decided to launch a clandestine raid in the desert, which ended in failure. To the terrorists this showed that America did not know how to deal with terrorism. The hostages were not released until the next president took office.

Soon after the debacle in Tehran Americans began to be abducted and slaughtered throughout the Middle East. The U.S. government seemed to be incapable of protecting its citizens abroad thus giving the terrorists more reason to attack us.

In April 1983 a large vehicle packed with explosives was driven into the U.S. compound in Beirut killing 63 people. The U.S. fails to respond decisively. Then just 6 months later a truck carrying 2 and a half tons of TNT crashes through the gates of the U.S. Marine headquarters in the same city and kills 241 Marines. The U.S. responds by packing up and leaving Lebanon. The Marines were there at the time to try to save Lebanon's democratic government that was under attack by fundamentalists funded by Syria as well as other Arab powers in the region.

Seeing Americans inability or seeming indifference to stopping terrorism in the Mid East the terror spreads to Europe. In April 1985 a bomb was set off in Madrid, Spain near a restaurant frequented by U.S. servicemen. Then in August of the same year in Germany a Volkswagen packed with dynamite crashed through the main gate of the U.S. Air Force base at Rhein-Main killing 22 people. Less than 2 months later an Italian cruise ship is hijacked and a wheelchair bound American passenger is singled out and executed.

Soon after the terrorists begin to attack passenger airliners; a tactic that was perfected and spread by none other than Yasser Arafat (considered by most to be the grandfather of terrorism). In April1986 TWA flight #840 was bombed killing 4 then in 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland Pan Am flight #103 was blown up killing all 259 aboard. America responds by treating this act as a crime and attempts to sue the masterminds and Libya. The people responsible have still not been brought to trial. We know who they are but Libya refuses to let them be extradited. These are acts of war not civil crimes. But considering the litigious nature of our society now where you can sue a company for not warning you that hot coffee can burn you it is not surprising that this route was taken. After all we would not want to piss off people who hate us by declaring war on them. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

After these victories the terrorists bring the war to the U.S. mainland. In January of 1993 two CIA agents are shot and killed in Langley, Virginia at CIA headquarters by a man claiming to be associated with a terrorist group. The next month the World Trade Center is rocked by an explosion in its underground parking garage killing 6 people and injuring over 100. Soon after 6 Middle Eastern men are arrested and charged with the crime in a civil court even though they admit to be terrorists and are linked to a radical Mullah in N.Y.C. Two years later in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a car bomb explodes at a U.S. military complex killing 7. Shortly after in June of 1996 a truck bomb explodes close to a military compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia destroying an U.S. Air Force barrack killing 19 and injuring more than 500. Once again the U.S. fails to act decisively thus emboldening the terrorist groups.

The terrorists begin to coordinate their efforts and attack 2 U.S. embassies simultaneously, one in Kenya and one in Tanzania. The combined attacks kill 224. The fierce U.S. response is a cruise missile attacks on a terrorist training camp with no follow up. In 2000 the USS Cole was attacked while refueling in Aden, Yemen killing 17 sailors. This is an obvious act of war but instead the FBI is sent to investigate. All of these acts were topped by the attack on 9/11/01 where 3000 civilians were killed, many of them from the countries that so strongly opposed our action in Iraq. So, as you can see, we have been at war for nearly a quarter of a decade. Failure to act on these attacks only gave the terrorists the confidence to launch more and more devastating attacks against America. Attacking our attackers and those who support them is not going to cause more Bin Ladens; doing nothing has. Please get that message through your patchouli soaked heads. The facts are right there in front of you, face them and understand. These fanatics have been taught since they could walk to hate us and all your hugs and friendship bracelets won't change their minds. Wake up and do something to protect yourself and your families. Or at least give support to those who are trying to protect you.

Max Power



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