Wake Up!
by Max Power


There has been 7 suicide attacks against Israeli targets in the last 48 hours. More than 3 dozen people including the attackers have been killed. How is this helping the Palestinian cause? If you are trying to get someone to give you something, especially someone who can wipe you out if they really wanted to, or getting that someone to leave you in peace how does it help you to continually harass that someone? That is how the radical element of the Palestinians are operating. If I want my ex pro football player neighbor to redraw our shared property line to its agreed to position does it help my cause to kill his pets and throw rocks at his kids and key his car? Do you think those actions would make him more apt to agree to my demands or just super pissed and make him seek vengeance?

Apparently the Palestinians feel that by sacrificing their young people and killing innocent Israeli civilians they will get what they want. How does educating young Palestinians to hate Israel and the West help their cause. Did you know that in Palestinian grade schools and even in kindergarten level there are books teaching kids to be suicide bombers? Do you think that teaching children that the Jews kill babies and drink their blood is helpful to finding a way to peace? Even though these actions have only brought more repercussions and incursions by the vastly superior Israeli army, groups like Hamas continue these despicable actions. These actions show that these groups which are openly supported by the Palestinian government as well as surrounding Arab states like Syria and Egypt have no interest in a peaceful coexistence between Israel and the Palestinian people. If they did they would not have allowed Arafat to reject the deal brokered by the U.S. a few years ago in which Palestinians basically got almost all of what they asked for including removal of Jewish settlements on the West Bank. These attacks and failure of the Palestinian government to reign in the radical groups just proves that the Arab world will not be happy until Israel is completely destroyed and any Israeli influence is gone from that region.

Israel is not innocent in all of this either. Although I agree that if you are attacked you have the right to defend yourself, even to preemptively strike those who have vowed to harm you. Israel needs to pull back their settlements to the boundaries that were originally set when Israel was granted statehood by the U.N. Just in case any of you who don't know the reason why Israel took over those territories let me tell you.

Years before the war, hostilities between the Arab nations, and the Jews had already been at a high point. The Arab nations refused to accept the fact that Israel could be a Jewish state, and so, President Nasser of Egypt called for the destruction of Israel. At first, there were just attacks on civilians, but the attacks became more and more ferocious, soon Israeli villages being heavily shelled by Syrian troops from the Golan Heights. Israel had warned Syria, but Syria went to Egypt for help, and by then, Egyptian forces were packed into the Sinai Peninsula. Nasser then closed down the Atrait of Tiran, which was a very important trading link between Israel and the other countries of the world. Such an act was an act of war, but what they didn't know was that Israel would react with the way they did.

Israel was going into a battle against the Egyptians, the Jordanians, and the Syrians. Because of this, Israel decided to fight in Arab territory rather than have the battles in Israeli territory. On June 5th 1967 the Israeli Air Force made the first strike on Egypt. That strike destroyed 309 of the 340 combat aircrafts belonging to Egypt. Then, Israel moved in their ground forces to complete the attack, leaving heavy Egyptian casualties. Israel's first strike in the war was amazingly successful.

Israel had asked Jordan not to join in on the war, but President Nasser of Egypt called Jordan and told them that they had won the previous battle between themselves and Israel, although they really had not. Because of this, Jordanian troops attacked the Israeli half of Jerusalem. Israel didn't have to worry about Egypt anymore, so they turned their attention on Jordan. By the next morning, Israeli troops seized the other half of Jerusalem that they did not yet own. Just one day had past, and already the Egyptian air force had been eradicated, as well as inflicting huge casualties on Jordanian forces. Israel continued its operations against Arab air force bases, raising the amount of fighters destroyed to 416. With almost total control of the skies, Israel's fighters and bombers were able to protect the tanks and artillery on the battlefield below. They prevented Jordanian reinforcements from reaching Jerusalem soon Israel had taken control of the Western Wall. By the next day, Jordanian forces were pushed back to their side of the Jordan River. That day, the Jordanians arranged for a cease-fire.

On June 8, Israeli forces had reached the Suez Canal. After they had taken over the Sinai, Israel turned its forces on the Golan Heights, which is where the Syrians were shelling Israeli villages from. The next day Israeli soldiers began the difficult assault up steep terrain against the Syrian forces. The balance of power soon shifted in Israel's favor and soon Syria had surrendered and signed a cease-fire. Israel then controlled all of the Golan Heights. The war with the Egyptians didn't formally end until 1979, when the two countries finally made peace. By the way this peace did not sit well with many Arabs and in 1981 President Anwar Sadat was assassinated. Sadat's assassination was meant as a message to all Arab leaders not to make peace with Israel.

Israel's victory was extremely devastating to the Arabs, who expected victory for themselves. The fact that the war took only 6 days showed that Israel was very capable of defending itself against multiple enemies at the same time. The Arab forces lost almost their entire air forces, and much of their armed weaponry. 10,000 Egyptians were killed in Sinai and Gaza alone, compared to the 300 Israeli casualties on that front. In all, Egypt lost about 11,000 troops, Jordan lost about 6,000, Syria lost about 1,000, and Israel lost about 700. Israel gained all of Jerusalem, The Golan Heights, Sinai, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank.

This huge defeat in front of the international community severely battered the macho Arab psychology. I believe that radical Arabs have still not gotten over this defeat and will not rest until they feel they have exacted revenge. That being said I believe the peace process won't get off they ground until the land gained in that war is given back. I don't necessarily feel that it is right to give it back, after all it was the Arabs who attacked first and the land was gained during the Israeli defense. But everything I hear from the Palestinian side says the main reason for the homicide bombers is the Israeli settlements. So if by making the concession by giving the captured territories back will stop the terror attacks then it should be done. If the attacks continue even after the land is given back then it will show that the attackers will never cease and Israel will have ever right to go into Palestine and remove the government that is sworn to destroy Israel. By the way as I'm writing this Hamas has just released a statement saying they would not rest until no Zionist is left breathing. For all those who believe these kind of people can be negotiated with e-mail me and tell me how you negotiate with someone who want to kill you and will send their young people to their deaths to do you harm just because of your race. These terror groups are so blinded by hate and have sown the seeds of that hate so deep in their own people I don't think there will be any peace until Israel or every terrorist is wiped out. This is a very sad situation but until EVERY country fully joins in the war on terror this kind of senseless killing will never stop.

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