Wake Up!
by Max Power


Here we go. The United States led coalition has won against the forces of evil in 2 different Middle Eastern countries, Afghanistan and Iraq. If you don't think that killing Afghani women just because they are outside without a male escort or slaughtering thousands of Kurdish people in northern Iraq is not evil then stop reading this and do us all a favor and put your head on the nearest railroad track and wait for the next train. It should come as no surprise to anyone that we would be victorious against any country in the world if we decided to do it with decisiveness and considering the last two countries we fought were run by stone age clerics and an egomaniacal dictator. As I have been saying the military part of all of this was the easy part.

It now seems since we have removed Saddam and the Baathists from Iraq the U.S. has basically abandoned the people of Afghanistan. Apparently the Taliban is reconstituting just over the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and most of the country is still run by warlords. This really bothers me because I strongly believe in finishing what you have started; especially when a whole country of oppressed people, who you claimed you were there to help, are at stake. I just don't understand why we just don't go across the Pakistani border and get these killers or why we don't commit the resources to clobbering or at least persuading these warlords, who, by the way, help the international coalition to kick out the Taliban, to join the new Afghani government or face our military wrath.

We have the financial and military assets to do this. Where is the will to do it? Who gives a shit if some of the people don't like it; it is the right thing to do. Furthermore by not finishing the job there we are only giving those that want to enslave that population again the fuel to do so. We also end up looking like a big, dumb superpower that can kick anyone's ass but then loses interest in helping those we just liberated. Did all those troops come home just so politically the administration can say "look we brought them home"? Hey! These brave people who signed up for the armed forces should understand war is generally fought for years not months and being in the military is not a day job where you go home every night. I think most of them understand that. Politics needs to stay out of military decisions like that so the job can be completed. Finishing the job in Afghanistan will solidify democracy in that area and would be a beacon of hope to the other oppressed countries there.

By establishing a free government there and aiding Afghanistan's economy as well as committing enough forces to defend them we can hopefully send a message to neighboring countries that this kind of system works better for all those in the country not just those few in power. By making Afghanistan a vibrant successful economy with a healthy free speaking populace we can send a message to those radicals in Pakistan that a Taliban type of system will not be tolerated.

Speaking of Pakistan it is my opinion that we have made a mistake by dealing with General Pervez Musharraf. I understand the choice in dealing with him; after all he is next door, is control of nukes and does not like the Islamic radicals that infest Pakistan. I know he is the lesser of 2 evils but let's not forget we backed Saddam in the 80's for pretty much the same reasons. If we give the Islamic fanatics any reason to think that they could take over Afghanistan again or give hope to the fundamentalists that they could over throw the dictator in Pakistan we could be one shot in Musharraf's head away from militant, radical, fundamentalist Islamists having nuclear weapons. If Pakistan's nukes fell into the hands of a Taliban-like government then all bets would be off. Given our new preemptive stance we would surely go into Pakistan to gain control of those weapons and if the weapons get out of the country we would be stomping around that region setting off civil war wherever we went. That cannot be allowed to happen.

With all of that in mind it is absolutely imperative that we succeed in bringing Iraq into the world democratic community. Failure in Iraq will bring unimaginable damage to the U.S.'s reputation as a representative of liberty and democracy. It will embolden terrorists all over the globe and give rise to even more despots and dictators. I hope this administration did not bite off more than it could chew. I still strongly believe that what was done in both Iraq and Afghanistan was the right to do. But without follow through and completion of what was started it could be one of the greatest diplomatic miscalculations of all time. If the job is completed and done right it could also change our future significantly by finally bringing peace and justice to the most volatile regions in the world. It would also finally bring a sense of security to us that we have not felt since 9/11/01. This process of bringing democracy to a place that has never known it will take many years but it won't happen at all if we don't provide the resources and will to do it. We are doing the right thing by helping these people, but everyone must realize we need to be in this for the long hall. If we don't we would be hypocrites for saying we were going into Iraq to keep the U.N.'s word since the U.N. wasn't. A lot is at stake here George so don't fuck up.


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