Wake Up!
by Max Power


Hey I'm back from my op-ed "vacation". It was a little difficult to concentrate when my summer has gone like this. Broken left foot…Las Vegas bachelor party…foot still broke…got married…foot still broke and now knee screwed up due to compensating for broke foot…a week in the Florida sun with giant air cast on foot…back to doctor who wants to put screws in broke foot. To top it all off I got burned out on the news from the Middle East. You know…a soldier or two killed every day by ignorant savages trying to bring back a maniacal dictator or extremist thugs bent on killing U.S. soldiers and destroying new Iraqi infrastructure to keep Iraqis in the stone age and sow discontent.

Then it happened…Uday and Qusay get whacked. Hoo fuckin' ray! We finally get these 2 monsters and people over there don't believe it. So understanding the importance of making the Iraqi people see that these criminals are no longer alive and able to wield their special brand of nightmarish fear over the public we clean up the corpses and put them on limited display. Then, as expected, the Arab press says the display is in bad taste and the 2 sons of the tyrant are martyrs or that the bodies are not even who we claim they are. This is the same press who showed American POWs and scene after scene of dead Iraqis during the major fighting earlier in the conflict. This is the same culture that chops off hands of thieves or holds public beheadings and stoning of women. Despite the hypocrisy of that complaint and the disbelief that we got the 2 boys the same Arab media has put out an audio message they claim is from Saddam in which he acknowledges the death of his sons. So which is it Al Jazera? We got 'em and are closing in on Saddam or we didn't get them and the Saddam tape is false. That's a tough one huh? Well I'm sure you'll think of something to tell your hate blinded, brainwashed public.

As far as for the Western populace…have some patience. We are rebuilding a country from scratch. We are working with a people who have had no outside information for over 3 decades. These people do not have the same sense of values we do. They do not put importance on individual life or freedom. They do not view women as equals in any way. And many are still convinced Saddam is coming back. The predominate thought in the Arab streets is that the U.S. has a secret deal with Saddam and is holding him over the Iraqi populace to keep them in fear. Sounds illogical and ridiculous to us but these morons are so tainted by their various state run medias that this is taken for gospel by them. This is the toughest battle we are fighting. We have to do everything we can to prove what we are doing over there is for the good of the Iraqi people and we have to do it while all the media outlets they trust are doing all they can to do the opposite.

This thing is going to take a long time; probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 years just to get things running over the entire country. To think this is going to be over in a matter of a few more months is retarded. How soon we forget the past. After our victory over Japan a U.S. general ran the country for 6 years before it was handed over to the Japanese people. It was over a decade before Germany was rebuilt to a point of self-reliance. Oh… by the way U.S. forces battled insurgents in both of those countries during the rebuilding; so the guerilla fighting in Iraq is nothing new to this type of situation. Oh yeah I almost forgot … we still have troops in both of those countries today 50 years later so don't think we are going to get things going in Iraq and walk away.

We are making progress over there. The average Iraqi has it better than any time he can remember. U.S. officials from both parties, even those who opposed the war, have toured Iraq and confirmed that things are much better, electric services are much more widespread than prior to the war, there has not been a humanitarian disaster due to starvation, hospitals are back up running and schools are reopening after being purged of pro Saddam propaganda. We need to do a better job with providing jobs and getting the Iraqis in charge of their own security but all things considered we are making significant improvement and I believe we have turned the corner with the deaths of the tyrant sons and will see even more gains after Saddam is taken out.

So what I'm trying to say to all is have patience. I'm not saying don't question what our government is doing over there, it's important to let the administration know that we are paying attention. We need to keep up the pressure on those who are handling the situation over there since we continue to sacrifice the lives of our brave soldiers, but we don't have to be dicks about it.

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