Wake Up!
by Max Power


It's been 2 years since 19 soulless fanatics attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon killing over 3000 innocent civilians. Contrary to popular belief it was not the start of the war radical Islamists are waging on us but it was the wake up call that could no longer be ignored. I find myself quite a bit more emotional today than I had expected, most of that emotion being anger. I'm angry at the mindless fucks that did this, angry at those that rejoiced when they learned of this attack, angry at those who preach the hate that caused this and similar attacks and angry at our government for not waging war on these barbarians sooner.

For those of you opposed to the fight on these pieces of human garbage…WAKE THE FUCK UP! If it was you in the World Trade Center or in the Pentagon or on one of the civilian jets used to carry out the attack they would have killed you. If it was someone you know or a relative of yours they would have still attacked. If they could have killed 300,000 or 3,000,000 they would have still attacked. Open your eyes and understand that these mindless fanatics want to kill everyone that doesn't believe what they do. They don't care if they kill babies or even their own countrymen; they want to kill all opposed to them. There is no reasoning with them. The only defense against this kind of attack is to attack them before they can attack us. This isn't about politics or our foreign policies - it is about a religion of hate and oppression. A religious belief that preaches the destruction of ALL those who do not share the same twisted beliefs. The reason they hate us and the rest of the modern Western world is because our way of life undermines the power over the masses that they wish to wield and try to bring about through cowardly acts of terrorism.

Women were not being beheaded in Afghanistan because of the United States foreign policy but because they left their homes without a male escort. Girls were not allowed an education because of the religious beliefs there not because Western governments allowed its own citizens freedom of speech. This is a religion designed to oppress the masses and give power to a very few men under the guise of God's will. Unfortunately this demented philosophy is gaining popularity because there are so many stupid, easily swayed pig fuckers out there who are either so brain dead that they are readily sucked into this way of thought or violent criminals who are looking for excuse to cause pain and destruction on anyone they can.

How do you deal with people like this? You kill them. Kill them before they can kill you or those you care for. Remember what happened on this day 2 years ago and let that memory steel you against those that wish to destroy you and your way of life. Use the image of those burning towers to remind you why we need to stand together against those wishing to do us harm. Don't let the deaths of all your fellow Americans be in vain. Do not allow those attacks on our countrymen here and abroad divide us as a nation. This might not be a perfect country but it is still the best in the world and we are extremely lucky to be a part of it. Be proud to live in a country that cherishes personal freedom and has given the blood of its sons and daughters so readily so that others can live in freedom as well.

- Max Power



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