bobs and I thought long and hard about this 'test, and we've decided the graphics entered MUST include the following elements:

Works may be animated or not. The above may be interpreted in any way you see fit, and you may put them together in any way you can think of. Creativity is very encouraged for this contest!


bobs: Cute kitty! Nice plot, pithy story!
Beef: Very nicely done! Love the Freddy Krueger. Not sure where the fruit/toiletry item is. Pumpkins, I think, and carrots are vegetables. It's still super, regardless!!


bobs: Just the facts, ma'am.
Beef: I really love this one. Great minimalism. I really guffawed on this one.

govt cheez

bobs: Gutsy enough to be the first and to complain about the guy's candy. Nice clown costume.
Beef: Lots of fun here, govt. Love the trick or treat parts. Nice costumes and monsters, too. Good work!


bobs: Great plot and great artwork! No toiletries? Oh, now I see it!
Beef: Very funny entry! Beautifully done, too! They looked so angelic...


bobs: Heh heh, so that's what happened!
Beef: Great last minute entry! Love the ass, the toiletries, Cousin Itt (and yes, I knew who it was before you told me!), hair gel, dead fruit...

polly pop

bobs: Ack! Just don't let my mother see it!
Beef: Uh, disturbing costume, but great use of the toiletry item! Splendid piece, actually, and I love the guy at the door!


bobs: Wonderful plot, great action and eerie too!
Beef: This was worth the wait! I just love the whole concept on this one, the storyline, the dialogue, the animation. Brilliant, as always, from the duck!


bobs: Very creative use of tacky Americana and facial expressions. Great dialogue!
Beef: If you can stop laughing long enough to look away from the Walken (and you can't go wrong with Walken), you'll notice the hysterical dialogue and the brilliantly-made costumes!


bobs:I love the Exorcist gurl! Is that the TP fairy? She's lovely! I just wish she was available on my long walks thru the city in my younger days.
Beef: I love the transformation of the playground, and the peasoup! Marvelous work!


bobs: There is more to this pic than meets the eye. This picture is profound on so many levels!
Beef: bobs is right, and this one's just gorgeous. And now TWO references to my favorite childhood show, The Addams Family!


bobs: The beautiful pumpkin impresses me greatly, as does the door costume. Ugly monster. Toothpaste. Heh heh.
Beef: Great costume!!! I like even the matching green face! Have I mentioned I love the melding of photographic images with the simple Sissy graphics? Faboo!


bobs: Reminds me of Frank Zappa's "Cheepnis."
Beef: This looks like a strange advertisement, which I love! Suzanne's hawking paper towels! This is too funny!


bobs: Brilliantly hand drawn with a kindly old Frankenstien. Since I'm biased toward loving everything Tina does, I'm gonna have to downgrade this to a "Phantasmagorical!"
Beef: Well, I'm gonna upgrade it back to "Supersplendiferocious!" Tina's always looking for new creative ways to dazzle us! He's done it again!


bobs: Very stylish! I feel honored, not guilty. Wide-screen format even!
Beef: So surreal, and just amazingly done. Looks like someone's been watching too many Ed Wood flicks and old horror films!

A great entry, sent in after the deadline. Too funny!

Ana Maria
A marvelous work. This one was sent in on time, but wasn't viewable on the SF pages. Apologies to Ana. My heart has a soft spot for those shrunken heads! - Beef


bobs: For being just plain cute and funny. It's the toothbrush/scythe that clinched it for me!
Beef: scara was trying to butter me up with the Walken/Burton reference, and it worked! Besides, it's funny as hell, and those costumes bust me up.

bobs: For being so original and cool.
Beef: Ditto on bobs' comment.

bobs: For being so stylish and film noir-like.
Beef: For the sheer beauty and bizarreness it displays.


*Listed in alphabetical order.

We seriously had a blast with this contest. The entries all met or exceeded our hopes for brilliance. This one was very difficult to judge, due to the creativity, technique, and sense of humor displayed in each entry. If we could, we'd give you all prizes!

Enjoy your fame while it lasts! We had a great time! Wheeeee!

bobs & Beef