I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the next bobs & Beef™ contest. It has been a while, after all.

The Inspiration This contest was inpired by degauss' and doodlebug's Sissyfight Goes to the Movies thread. I was going to repost some recycled art, but have been doing that rather a lot lately, so was thinking of doing something new when this idea popped in my head instead.

So since it was they who inspired it, bobs and I have recruited degauss and doodlebug as co-hosts for this contest. So now you have FOUR judges to please!

The Contest You are to create a classic scene from film or television, Sissy-style. The catch? You have to include as many Sissycliches as you can while still holding true to the scene. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is. This is probably the most simple contest that bobs and I have held, but it holds so many possibilties.

A couple of things to note:

* There will be TWO categories: stills and animations. We simply feel it wouldn't be fair to judge these two styles together.

* The scene MUST be recognizable as a classic scene by the judges. For example, the ending scene of Casablanca would be considered a classic scene; the ending scene to the Britney Spears movie Crossroads would not. The Parrot Sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus would be considered a classic scene; any scene from Herman's Head would not. Make sense?

* Please bear in mind, all the images made for this contest will be eventually put onto a page on my site, so please try to keep your animations under 300k.

* Any references to bobs' new garden would be considered a fine bit of brownnosing and will be duly noted.

* No entry limit and collaborations are welcome.

The Example I made an example for you.


The classic scene is one of my favorite classic Three Stooges scenes. It's where Curly's trying to eat a bowl of clam chowder, only to have his crackers eaten by a frisky clam.

The Sissycliches should be pretty obvious: the TweakingTina references (Tina's head, and the head-eating monster), sarascara's icon, the goat, the Almighty Ruler and subsequent banning, the plaid jacket.

The Entries

Alice Malice
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

bobs: I snickered out loud at this one!
Beef: Yah, me too, bobs. "I see you."
degauss: Both nice and funny!
doodlebug: Teehee! I love the little details put in, like the stubble, weeehee!

Alice Malice

bobs: Wonderful choice of movie and wonderful cliché usage.
Beef: I never saw Freaks, but I feel like I have! This one's got great Sissy cliché
power as well. UPALA MONDA!
doodlebug: I also never saw Freaks, but I’ve heard that this is poifect for it. Anytime someone is chanting “one of us,” I am happy.

Alice Malice
The Planet of the Apes

bobs: I remember this one from the Paper Dolls thread! Great usage of Paper Doll accessories, and thanks for reminding me of that horrible movie!
Beef: Minky never fails to make me bust a gut. This one's just plain silly!
doodlebug: Hah, Beef hit the nail on the head with this one. It is quite silly and I love it.

angel k
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

bobs: Wonderful small screen adaptation and great transferral of dialogue. I chokled on this one!
Beef: This one's pretty brilliant. It's precisely what this contest was about: classic scenes and lots of Sissy clichés! And funny as hell to boot!
degauss: LOVE it. I also love the flying Delphia!
doodlebug: This one blew my mind. Not only did you put in some great clichés that had me laughing but also the artwork was marvelous.

The Matrix: Reloaded

bobs: Simply beautiful! It gives me that weird feeling of non-existence. I'd better go see that movie quick! It's already a classic. Although it doesn't reference a Sissyfight Cliche per se, it's excellent.
Beef: Ayala knows a classic scene when he sees one! I love this entry!
degauss: Very timely. It reminds of some other art I have seen before. Nice Matrix version of the gang bang!
doodlebug: Hah! I love Neo’s cool about it all. This is fabulous.

South Park

bobs: Wonderful integration of sissy and South Park cliche's.
Beef: Not so much a classic scene but a classic common scenario featured in oh-so-many episodes and the movie! But the "OMG," "teazed" and general bad spelling is a great touch!
degauss: Hum, South Park. Nice work though I would rather stab my eye then watch SP!
doodlebug: Hehe, I think the South Park troop is pretty much like a group of eternal newbies. It’s cute.

Pulp Fiction

bobs: This one's cute and sassy. I love the expression on her face!
Beef: Again, not so much a classic scene as a classic poster. That said, it's very funny! The ruler is a nice touch!
degauss: Pulp fiction, LOVE IT!
doodlebug: Oi! I didn’t even notice the ruler at first, very nice touch. bob stole the word I was going to use, which was that this is just sassy!

The Brady Bunch Movie

bobs: So cute and cozy! They're all ineffectively teasing each other! I love the Bradys - err, Bradies.
Beef: Great! Now I'm going to be singing The Brady Bunch's theme song all night!! Thanks a lot, Danielle*! Funny entry! Nice job!
degauss: HAHA. There’s a story...of a lovely lady...cute.
doodlebug: Hah! Now that you bring it to mind, Sissyfight does remind me a lot of The Brady Bunch, nice choice. =)

Scene from Gladiator

bobs: Good cliché use, both of Sissy and Gladiator.
Beef: That's a GREAT Russell Crowe! Poor RQ! Always dealing with whiners! Excellent!
Wow!! The artwork is Great in this one. Ramona is just EVIL here, I love it!

Billy Madison

bobs: Uh, I don't get it. Guess I'd better go watch the movie.
Beef: Yah, I didn't see this movie, either, and there aren't really any clichés in it, either, but it's definitely a nice attempt! Even if I didn't see it, it's a funny graphic!
degauss: Uh, nice work bud.
doodlebug: I’m afraid that I haven’t seen the movie either, but I love the crayons on the floor. =)

Gone with the Wind

bobs: I love it! So cliché! So classic!
Beef: Great scene!! I love the burning of Tara in the background! Nice job!
degauss: You going for the southern connection with me? I love the convoluted imagery from the movie.
doodlebug: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! Hehehe, this is great! Wonderful detail on the clothes and fire!

2001: A Space Oddysey

bobs: So cool! The original movie would have been so much better with a lolly.
Beef: Well, believe it or not, I've never seen the movie, but I do know this classic scene! That's the sign of a great scene choice - people will recognize it regardless of having scene it! Simple but perfect, perdie!
degauss: Hehe. Dude... cool. Nice. Always impressive.
doodlebug: I grinned like mad when I saw this. Imagine the powers of a lolly that size!

Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

bobs: Is bob a Sissyfight cliché? Light sabers - snicker.
Beef: I think you BOTH could be classified as Sissyfight clichés, bobs! It's a great scene and very funny!
degauss: Of course the Star Wars theme will always catch my attention. Very funny.
doodlebug: I shrieked with laughter at this one. I love the lightsaber lollies. What flavor would they be?

Reefer Madness

bobs: Hilarious! I'd love to see this one!
Beef: Not a scene, but a great poster! Evil evil lolly addictions!
degauss: Very nice, though should be in B&W I think.
doodlebug: Hee, not only are the lollies addictive, but the game as well. Good choice. =)

The Princess Bride

bobs: I haven't seen the original, but this looks like a faithful representation of something I'd like to see.
Beef: I'm STILL laughing over this one! So many classic scenes! So many Sissy clichés! COUSs! "NEBODY WANNA TEEM UP!" THE NAMES! I just can't say enough about this one! Great job!
degauss: VERY NICE movie choice! “Farm boy, 'cide for me.” I also like that you stayed in the SF environment!
doodlebug: Oh My Goodness! This one is HILARIOUS, not only is it a great telling of the movie but captures so many Sissy dramas. Great!


bobs: Scarface-Two great posters with serious intent.
Beef: Great posters!! I love the wording on both and the massive stash of lollies on the first! Nice job!
I love the simplicity here, flawless!

And now, your winners!

bobs' choice in the category of Stills:
Ayala - The Matrix: Reloaded

I pick Ayala's Matrix because it's so hilarious and otherworldly. This is the one entry that changed my brain chemistry when I looked at it. Ayala, please PM me your real life address for a real life soapy prize as your reward for showing me that the sissy world is just as real as the Matrix™.

Beef's choice in the category of Stills:
perdita - 2001: A Space Oddysey

perdita's entry was brilliant in its simplicity. One amazingly classic scene and one easily recognizable cliché that can only be Sissy. It was a tough decision, though, as there were some wonderful entries in the Stills category.

degauss' choice in the category of Animations:
quartzie - The Princess Bride

While the other entries were amazing, I really liked the quality combined with the use of the SF environment.

doodlebug's choice in the category of Animations:
angel k - Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I chose this because it is simply amazing and I stammer when I think about the amount of time it must have taken.

Congratulations to all our winners! These pieces were so outstanding, so well thought out and executed. We just can't say enough about these works. Well done!

Thanks to all who entered. This contest has garnered some really wonderful, creative art, which is what we always hope to achieve. Judges and viewers alike all were gifted with some real serious laughs and on behalf of everyone, good job!

bobs and I would also like to thank degauss and doodlebug for joining us. It was fun working with them and we're delighted to have had them on board. We hope to work with them again sometime!

See you next contest!