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The earliest of my Sissyart came in the speech bubbles, as you can see here.

Yeah, so I didn't know anything about the difference between JPGs & GIFs back in the day.

This was done for Foam Pants' contest. I used all female Sissies for the Sweathog gang. You'll see scarysheri as Horseshack, gynecure as Barbarino (note the bulge), jonay as BoomBoom, me as Epstein, Foam as Woodman, and of course, BigGayMule as Kotter himself. As far as the items on the desk, don't ask; I don't know.

One of my favorites. This was done after Trubble had posted a graphic of too many Sissies in a room, with fighting and bras flying. Needless to say, I lost mine. But you should see the other girl!

This was a costume for one of nylon's famous (or infamous?) costume bashes. I'm a Beef Sandwich, of Course.

Um, I was just announcing that I'd found Lime Tic-Tacs at the store that day.

Mad Hatter's newborn twins upon their arrival on January 16, 2001. Which one's which? I dunno. I can't tell them apart!

They all came out for the homecoming of the newest arrivals to the playground. Mad Hatter stood proudly next to his lovely March Hare, each of them holding a precious bright-eyed bundle. Sisses from all over came to see them, each bearing gifts for the little ones. The Putfits were there. Kittenbaby arrived with her bedroom eyes and a silver lolly from Tiffany's for each little boy, because every little Sissy should have something from Tiffany's. zorbus brought ponies that he'd acquired by pressing Alt+F4, and what Pretty Ponies they were. A fine gift of liquid lollies in baby bottles (made with Granpappy's homemade moonshine) was brought for the little ones by SugarHigh, although it appeared she'd been sampling it! And sweet little Willameena brought a gift, too. She brought tiny bird-flipping fingers for the newborns, and the gift of lessons for life in the fine art of flipping people off. In fact, she started the lessons that day! Moolah even made an appearance. He brought the babies all the KISS albums they'll ever need! Beef was there, too. She brought shiny new rubber pants, so they wouldn't soil the sweet little Sissy outfits that Fuzzynavel brought. Fuzzy also brought them Sissyhair to wear until their own grows in. She had a smidge of trouble trying to carry it all in, though! Chokle™ Brand Lolly Pacifiers was Shrew's gift. He even tested one, for quality control! Photoshop for Babies was Delphia's offering. .kara arrived on the scene with some beginning acting books, so that the boys wouldn't grow up to be artists or architects! These kids would be all set to start working on their careers! An emotionally overwhelmed TalkingTina brought a book as well. Baby's First Haikus, by TalkingTina himself, signed by the author. Hatter's favorite in the book was:

Wah wahwaaahh gurgle
Agoogoogoo gurgle wah
Wah ba poot giggle

TeeCee2000 decided that the mobiles in the stores just weren't good enough, so she volunteered her services. psychoduck brought, what else, ducks! Not just any ducks, though. He swiped a couple of the AFLAC ducks. Nothing but the best for Hatter and Hare's children! Not one to miss a good party, RamonaQ came with baby blue "watch me grow" rulers. Once they reach "this high," they can come fight with their daddy on the playground! Then AliceMalice showed up. Poor confused kid. He thought "baby party" was some kinky theme party where guests were supposed to DRESS UP like babies! He brought the booze, and well, what happened after that is another story indeed!

- Beef

This is neil?, swotting away for teacher like a total spazmo. He's wearing a dress because some negative vibe merchant boarded up his bedroom. He went into Rick!'s bedroom, and all he could find, like, clothes-wise, was this dress.

To fully explain this, I'd recommend going to and perusing his works. It came at a time when there were several famous artists appearing on the playground.

The Yellow Putfit circa 1922
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