bob33333: Welcome to our springtime art contest. This contest may end up having an extremely convuloted and contradictory set of laws, much like our beloved springtime friend, the Internal Revenue Service.

My main wish for this contest is that the entries somehow involve geeks, architecture, and taxes. Two out of those three would be sufficient.

Beaker: Convoluted and contradictory indeed Bobs, as I would like to welcome everybody to our autumn contest. You crazy northern hemisphereans and your bonky seasons! I would like to thank Beef and the Bobs for having me on board this time round, and am sure I speak for many of you when I say the thought of anything even remotely to do with taxes makes me want to stick a spork in my eye! That being the case, I say embrace your inner geek and love of architecture, ditch the taxes and include in your masterpiece something beginning with the letter B, as a cheap (and effective) attempt to win over your friendly neighbourhood contest-holders!

Beef: So we've got geeks, architecture, taxes, convulution, sporks and the letter "B" so far? Okay, let me throw my demand in here: Marshmallow PEEPS. Yes, it's that time of year again. Those of you in the States will know the horrors of finding these marshmallow demons in your Easter baskets, scaring the chocolate bunnies. Those who aren't will just have to learn. If you do a search on the web, you'll surely find them.

Just don't squish the little bastards between your toes. (My father has footage of my sister as a child squishing her PEEPS between her toes and then eating them - EEEEEWWWWWWW!!! The horror...the HORROR!!!!!!)

Summary of rules:
Letter B
Marshmallow PEEPS!

Before we begin, bobs has laryngitis in her fingers and is unable to give much commentary at this time. She regrets her inability to fully participate verbally, but she was a part of the judging. You can tell she's got laryngitis by the small size her text appears in.



Alien Girl

Beaker: That darn Peepy! I wish that I had a mouse that built houses for me. Nobody can wear a pair of glasses like Peepy, I was expecting her head to start rocking back and forth. Rhyming is good!
Beef: I like the simplicity of this one. Nice poem, too!!


I was going to award myself 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes but Beef and bobs told me I was not allowed to. Meanies.

Beaker: Brilliant. I think that we can stop the contest now.
Beef: Well, Beak, even if you WEREN'T a judge, I'd have disqualified you for your use of Urquel! That's just downright evil, man, EVIL!


Geeks = Cher is a geek. Come on, now. The little camera thing is geeky. My main geek is Beef, I suppose. Yes,
Beef's a geek!
Architecture - The park and the Peep piles.
Taxes - Obvious!
Letter B - Benjamin Bratt (Double word score!), Cher's "Believe", Brandy, etc!
Marshmallow PEEPS! - They're all over the place!

Beaker: I love the expression on the poor girl's face, and bobs' flying leap onto the pile of peeps! The Springtime Express wagon is choc-full of geeky goodness, very nice indeed.
Beef: Very fun, I must say! Big, but funny! Those mountains of PEEPS make my teeth hurt just looking at them!


The whole point is that this geek owns a little swap shop type of thing. The architect has come to trade the blueprint for TAX (The Awesome Xylophones). And the geek is such a geek that she has a marshmallow peep on her head. The three B's are the bell,the blueprint,and the boots on the architect.

Beaker: I like the cute little sissy xylophones! The little peep just sitting their on the girls head made me laugh too.
Beef: Nice take on the rules (The Awesome Xylophones)! I love when people take our rules and bend them! Makes me VERY happy! Nice job!


Geek-The guy in the office
Architecture--The leaning tower of Pisa in the picture
Taxes--The geek is a tax collector and they are at Beef and Bobs Tax Service
Letter B--Beaker and then they are at Beef and Bobs Tax service
Marshmallow PEEPS-Killer PEEPS

Beaker: Muahahaha! Who wouldn't want an army of killer peeps at his or her command? I like the little office, it is very cute. Oh, and by the way, if you spot any of my killer peeps make sure you don't try and eat them - they bite back!
Beef: I must stress that Day's representation of PEEPS as evil killers is dead on!


After signing a contract for a new school Ramona hires a construction worker to construct the playground.
Taxes: On the sign it says how much tax money there is and Ramona is devastated at the amount of money it's going to cost.
Architecture: The construction worker building the swingset.
The Letter "B": The school is called "Beaker Beef Bob Junior High."
Marshmellow Peep: The little springy thingys that you sit on are marshmellow peeps

Beaker: I like the name of the school... poor Mona looks so stressed! The springy Peeps would be fun to play on.
Beef: I'd like to start a petition to rename Sweet Sunny Valley the "Beaker Beef Bob Junior High." Not sure I want PEEPS toys in the playground, though!


Architechture: Buildlings, Aliens are architects (Note the blueprints and protractor)
Letter B: B's replace every first letter in alien-eese
Nerds: Aliens are nerds (Note dork cap and taped glasses)
Taxes: Aliens demand taxes and are tax collectors
Peeps: Aliens threaten to shoot peeps

Beaker: I like it! The Evil Architect Tax-Collector Nerds from Space are scaring me ... call Mulder and Scully! You get extra points for drawing the little hat with the propellor so accurately, but lose points for calling it a 'dork cap' - I have one and think that I look really cool, hah!
Beef: This one's very funny! Evil Architect Tax-Collector Nerds everywhere will take offense! Brilliant!
bob33333: It's the facial expressions and the great short story integrating the uh....requirements...


Summary of rules:
Geeks = me in glasses and pocket protector ala Lisa Lubener
Architecture = My accountant, Mike Brady, who used to be an Architect
Taxes = being done by Mike aka Robert Reed (bob reference) Letter B = beaker, bob, brady
Marshmallow PEEPS! = Peeps accounting firm accented with marshmallow peeps on the bookcase.

Beaker: Okay, you get a million bonus points for having a portrait of me on the wall. And Mike Brady, afro and all! Your little pink nose is cute, have you got a cold?!
Beef: All these Bradys! Beautifully done! I also love the Lisa Lubener reference!


Summary of rules:
Geeks = me in glasses and pocket protector ala Lisa Lubener
Architecture = My accountant, Mike Brady, who used to be an Architect
Taxes = being done by Mike aka Robert Reed (bob reference) Letter B = beaker, bob, brady
Marshmallow PEEPS! = Peeps accounting firm accented with marshmallow peeps on the bookcase.

Beaker: That is one tasty looking concoction you are making up there. A slab of beef, a school, and nerd's head and some peeps ... mmmm.
Beef: This one's just bizarre, which is why I love it so!


architect/geek--> me revelling in the houses completion
taxes in conscience's saying
peeps peeps--obviously

Beaker: A whole house of peeps! It looks a little wonky ... I think somebody has been eating some of the bricks. I know I would be.
Beef: EEWWWW! A PEEPS house!! EVIL, EVIL, I tell you! Though, anyone who can successfully build a house of PEEPS should be, well, INSTITUTIONALIZED, damnit!


Letter B -- The BRADY Bunch!
Marshmallow Peeps -- The BRADY Bunch were actually Marshmallow peeps. Here is the proof
Geeks -- Jan and Bobby were pretty geeky!
Architecture --Mike was an architect
Taxes -- the Brady kids (aka six little darling tax deductions)

Beaker: Another appearance by the Brady's! They really are the geekiest of all geeks. So they were actually peeps in disguise eh? I think you are on to something ... I knew that they were always a little too sickly sweet and good to be true...
Beef: I've had nightmares about this. It's almost as if kewpie's channeled my dreams. I mean, it's dead on!


I dont think this needs any explanation. It has it all!

Beaker: Who on earth is that man?! He scares me. The slab of Beef made me hungry, and the letters made me want to play scrabble. Are they giant peeps in the background? Rather surreal.
Beef: See, this is why I love seeing kewpie's entries. They're always just ****ed up! She's got a brilliant, twisted mind!


The full title is "Easter Parade" Mister Bean represents the inner geek in all of us. He stands on the blueprint of a library, the symbol of knowledge being created from ideas and dreams. He stands and watches the parade-- carefree childlike fun in life, represented by the army of multicolored bunny peeps. Meanwhile, deep down, he knows he should not be at the parade. He should be finishing up his taxes-- the adult responsibility we all burden , because April 15 is on it's way.

Beaker: A parade of peeps and Mr Bean! I was wondering if he would make an appearance. Taxes for Dummies - I need that book!
Beef: Extra points for Bean!!!

Missy Angel

Beaker: Worker peeps, what a good idea. Look at that rude little one at the back honking the horn ... I don't know if I would trust a peep to drive.
Beef: Better watch those worker PEEPS. They're not to be trusted!


Beaker: heh, this one made me laugh. A true geek if I ever saw one. I might start wearing a giant B on my shirt, groovay!
Beef: But you already do, Beakie! Mitsu always makes me laugh! Great fun!


I chose the wrong colour for bob's face but bob is an architect,
Beef is a nerd who is crying because she got a 'B' and not an 'A' on her report card.
Beaker is late for the tax transit.

Beaker: Eeeps I am about to be left behind! Hahaha, who drew the giant B in marker pen on Beef's head? *looks innocent*
Beef: You'll pay for that, Beak! I hope that PEEPS Transit is stale because I don't want a sticky bum!

Mr Toothpick

Geeks: sissy on the left
Architecture: ABC blocks
Taxes: tax person and geek talking about her love for taxes.
Letter B: bee and the letter B in the ABC blocks
Marshmallow PEEPS: I think it's pretty easy to find.

Beaker: I like this one a lot, it looks very cool. I love the girl trying to ride her giant bee, and the letter blocks look kind of eerie. Very nice.
Beef: Beautifully done! It's a bit creepy, but super! Nice work on those shadows! A lot of people forget the shadows.


The geeky accountants are very excited about moving into their new building, the Peep™ Plaza, home of their new tax offices, as the architects oversee the finishing touches!

Beaker: Amazing stuff. I love the way depth and dimension is shown, and the little sissies look so cute with their little hard hats on. Hell, even the Peep office block looks cool, and who would want to live inside a peep?!
Beef: One word: Winner.
bob33333: Perfect integration! The architecture IS the Peep AND the tax building...


Geeks: Beef, Bob, and Beaker (No, I don't REALLY think they're geeks...)
Architecture: Well... they're in a building, plus Beef's love of architecture encyclopedias...
Taxes: Mentioning of a tax lecture...
Peeps: Kinda self-explanatory
The letter B: Beef, Bob, and Beaker! Yay.

Beaker: I could not stop laughing when I first saw this one. You did TOO good a job, we look awful! *lol* The peep costumes are hilarious.
Beef: I love the little feet coming from under the costumes! Always expect great things from cats!


Geeks: The dude that is by the Great Wall of Peeps.
Architecture:The Great Wall of peeps
Taxes: The Tax form
Letter B: A map of Bulgaria
Peeps: The plate of peeps, and the Wall of peeps

Beaker: The plate of peeps looks yummy! I will make sure that I go and visit Bulgaria sometime, so that I can go and see the great wall of peeps.
Beef: Can I just say I love Stupie? This one busts me up.

the witch

Geeks: the marshmallow peep bunny is a geek. he's already got his tax return, for cryin' out loud. he tried to drink his coolness potion, seen in his beaker, but to no avail. bob barker, sporting his bratwurst boa, could also be classified as a geek, i guess!
Architecture: the bratwurst emporium has an interesting architectural design, i suppose.
Taxes: the silly bunny dork already paid his taxes. geek!
Letter B: many!
Marshmallow PEEPS: that dorkola peep!

Beaker: That bunny is *such* a geek. I like the bratwurst emporium! Psst ... do you know where I can get some of that coolness potion?
Beef: That bunny is the best I've ever seen a PEEPS look! Extra points for the spork!


Beaker: I laughed my ass off when I saw the poor girl flee from the giant pink bunny peep. Maybe it was one of my killer peeps? I like the ancient stone pillar with mysterious writing on it, too.
Beef: If you had a giant pink bunny PEEP running towards you, Beak, you'd be running, too!
bob33333: Great blurry animation and I love the ancient history reference!



We loved this contest! VERY hard to pick winners with entries of this caliber! But pick we must. After putting it to a vote, we've chosen: