I Drawed These
Gallery of War

Rich Flynn

The gallery "I Drawed These" is a visual representation of my considerations of events which are currently taking place in our lives. Currently, war has effected all of us in some way. For me it has evoked a desire to create these images in an effort to express an individual perspective on a universal situation. Though most of will never know the anticipations, fears and necessary level of courage and resolution required of a soldier to engage in this activity, I respect what they go through and bring out of these experiences. The continued evolution of this gallery will include and reflect upon other important events of our times as they happen.


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Fearless Leader
French F(l)ag
Madonna of the Field
Soldier 1
Soldier 2
Soldier 3
Soldier 4
Soldier 5
Soldier 6
Soldier 7
Soldier 8
Fallen Iraq
USA Muscle
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