A Year in the Life of a Puffy White Cat
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When I found out my nephew's cat was pregnant, I got terribly excited. My beloved iguana, Larry, had been gone for almost six months. My heart was still aching from his loss and was compounded by our two cats' preference for the male human in our pair. I understood fully, of course. Sammi was grown when I moved in, and Cinnamon, while I knew her as long as Jordan had (we found her in a tree in an unlikely place on our first date), she saw him daily and me only parttime.

But still, it hurt. I missed having some little critter that loved me unconditionally. So when I found out my nephew's cat was pregnant, I was simply ecstatic.

Jordan and I agreed we'd take one, and I counted the days until the birth. Finally, on July 4th, 2001, they arrived. Three, two girls and one boy. Despite the mother cat being white, I'd hoped at least one of the babies would turn out black, since I love black cats.

When my sister informed me all three were white, the only black being the temporary spots on the tops of their heads (their mother had one which faded upon adulthood), I was somewhat disappointed. I'd never in my whole life wanted a white cat. I worried that I would not be able to fall in love with a white cat.

Well, at two days old, I met the little things. They were so tiny, so cute. I had first dibs since my sister didn't know what she was going to do with the other two. I picked them up, one at a time, looked at them, held them, introduced myself to them. I already had a leaning towards the boy, simply because I prefer male cats, but when he tried to suck on my finger, I was hooked. I chose him and he chose me. He had a name by the time I got home that night. Jackson.

A couple of days later, I started photographing him, documenting his life on a weekly basis until he was ready to come home, bonding with him all the while. I posted his pictures weekly on the Sissyfight message boards. He grew up before their very eyes.

Now, upon the eve of his first birthday, I prepare to post him for all to see, my chronicle of this precious animal who's meant so much to me, given me so much joy.

Turns out, I could love a white cat, more deeply than I'd ever imagined.

- July 3, 2002

  Week One: This is the kitten I fell in love with. I chose him and he chose me.


Unsteady on his feet.

Jackson, on the right, with his sisters, Abby and Butterfly.

Butterfly, Abby and Jackson. Three little angels.

Aerial view of our man Jacks.

Baby Jacks and me. He's so tiny!

  Week Two: Snuggling in "Daddy's" shirt.

Jordan and Jacks.

Not too small to snuggle.

Week Three: They don't get much cuter than this.

This is before he forgot how to meow. He does a good job of it here.

Abby, Butterfly and Jackson.

Week Four: His Puffness is growing.

More cuteness.

Little fella's showing what a big boy he is.

Steady now...

Butterfly, Abby and Jacks.

Back: Jackson & Abby; Front: Butterfly.

Week Five: Belly up on my lap.

He gets cuter by the minute.

Hard to take a picture of a playful kitten.

Week Six: Abby, Butterfly and a goopy-eyed Jackson.

Just the cutest kitten butt ever!

Little snuggler.

Week Seven: Jackson comes home!!! This is his first night at his new home.

He likes feet.

All tuckered out after a long day of traveling, new places and new toys.

Week Eight: Someone's settling in just fine.

September '01: Jackson's helping Daddy with his CDs.

Taking a little break.

I think Daddy just told Jackson a funny joke.

Jacks and the new kitty Gramma bought for him.

Broken Jacks! He'll perfect this position several months down the line.

Jackson's favorite kittenhood game: Climb Mommy's and Daddy's legs, aka Make Mommy and Daddy Scream!!

Still a good snuggler!

What a good kitty! Sweet and innocent!

RAAAAAAR!!! Get that paper towel!

October '01: Cinnamon, Jackson and Sammi performing their favorite daily task.

November '01: He's turning into a handsome young man.

Still not too big for Mommy's lap.



Just like a little dog, but much cuter!

Such a good baby!

December '01: Someone's getting biiiig!

More milk jug ring fun!!

Jacks playing with Daddy!

In an unprecedented move, Jackson made me bust a gut when he climbed into my just-removed jeans and curled up.

I had to coax him a little to show his sweet face.

There he is!!!

Jackson loves bags, especially when he's in them!

More kitty in a bag!

I swear he's not a stoner, though by the looks of this picture, he HAS had a few too many kitty treats!

January '02: At six months, Jacks thinks he's tough shit. I put the mask at the top of a speaker, very near the ceiling, to keep him from getting at it and playing with it. See how he responds?

Show off!

He pants when he plays too hard...

Which makes him look all smiley...

And then fierce!!

February '02: Sleeping just like a little child!

Jackson goes punk rock!

March '02: Jackson's first snow and his pleading to go back inside where it's warm and not scary!

April '02: WET KITTY!

Jackson's impersonation of the mighty Sphinx of Egypt.

He thinks he's the king.

May '02: He thinks I'm funny.

Someone's gotten a big belly!

June '02: Refer to October '01 for a little kitty/big kitty comparison! He's now outsizing the oafs!

Jackson's starting his new career as a rock star. He's in recording his first single here.

He's really passionate about his work.

And for a break after a long day of recording.

Possibly the most beautiful cat in the entire world:


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