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jonay came to town, this time for a longer visit than a few hours for popcorn in an airport. We decided to go to the Shedd Aquarium. Neither of us had been there in years.

We got there fairly early, thinking we'd get through the place super fast. We were wrong. We were there until closing, and desired to stay longer.

I was shocked to find that the once-controversial Oceanarium was ten years old already, and I'd not seen it before. I was finally going to see it.

We viewed fish from all over the globe. Some big. Some small. Some boring. Some completely fascinating. Sturgeon. Pirahnas. Carp. Grouper. Sting rays. Sharks. Giant sea turtles. Moray eels. Clown fish. Ciclids. Ciclids. Clear shrimp. Ciclids. We almost saw an octopus, but he was hiding.

Shiny fish. Fat fish. One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. We saw fish!

Finally, we made our way to the Oceanarium. Otters. Otters were the first thing we saw. Cute furry little comedians. We learned they had a phenomenal number of hairs per square inch of skin (I don't remember the immense number now), which holds countless air bubbles, which keeps their skin dry, or something like that.

Whales. We saw beluga whales and dolphins. They were so amazingly beautiful. We wanted to watch the show, but we wanted to see the diver guy feeding the fish in the huge tank in the center of the aquarium. We thought there was another show before it closed. We were wrong, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Last came the most amazing thing we saw: the seahorses. I'd seen shows on seahorses before, and I thought they were lovely, but I'd never expected to feel as I did. I think we were both overwhelmed by the beauty and peaceful serenity of these bizarre creatures. We stared agape at the tiny lives in each small tank. I think we both were in love. The photos I took were among the best photos I've taken.

Finally kicked out, we headed out. jonay wanted to meet Jackson, so we decided to head to my place. First, however, we decided to find a Swedish bakery she'd remembered from years past. Unfortunately, we were unable to find it, but we giggled at some innovative children's toys in a little shop on Clark Street.

Finally, we made it to my house, where we played with Jackson and posted our photos on the SF message boards.

Unfortunately, time caught up with us, and I had to take jonay back to her boyfriend, who swept her far away.

We had such a great time, lots of girltalk, lots of giggles. jonay seriously needs to move to Chicago. And fast! She's definitely one of my dearest friends, 'net or no 'net. I'm grateful to SF for her.

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We saw penguins! Aren't they cute?
  Clear shrimp are way cool.
  We found this pair rather strange. These seahorses look like one carved in two. They're so beautiful, though, all twisted together.
  This bizarre little fellow was difficult to catch still. It kept moving, but I finally got 'im down. A variation of the seahorse, this one was just amazing.
  I believe this pair of males were pregnant, ready to birth all the tiny perfect replica offspring.
  He looks preggers, but I think his large yellow belly was just his natural everyday look.
  They don't get much cooler than this close relative to the seahorse, the seadragon. I look at him in wonder. Can you tell what's dragon and what's foliage?
  You can't really tell by the photo, but this was a little teeny one, far smaller than the above cousins. Just teeny. It was hard to catch this one between its shelter of leaves.
So I'm an OTTER. jonay's a beluga. And, well, RQ's an orca.
Oh the trouble we had taking this photo. We couldn't get it right. This one's okay, though, but only because you can't see me so well!
What a beautiful face. And jonay's pretty cute, too! A wee Jackson shows jonay how charming he can be.

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