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Sass and I had a couple of near-misses, but this time was different. He was coming to Chicago to see a Siouxsie and the Banshees show at the Vic, much to the delight of wooman and myself. Sadly, our other Chicago Sissies were unavailable to meet, but woo and I decided to show our Sass a good time in the city.

Sass said his desire was to see an aquarium, if Chicago had one. Well, of course Chicago has one, and a damned fine one at that! We picked Sass up at Oatmeal's place Saturday morning and headed to the Shedd Aquarium.

We weren't there ten minutes when we found a frog the same color as Sass's freshly-dyed blue hair. Shortly thereafter, we found a fish that also matched.

Unfortunately, the place was packed, as it was a cold Saturday morning. It was hard to spend too much time at any one exhibit. We did, however, get a great show by the octopus, which had hidden from jonay and I several months prior, despite our temptress-coaxings to make him show himself. His appearance was quite stunning, starting with his color change from red to white, then back to red, right before our eyes.

We giggled at a tiny crab (whom we thought Crabbygal would adore) who repeatedly held out feathery appendages in the water, catching food in them and stuffing them into his mouth.

We als got to see the dolphin and beluga show. Amazing creatures, all. The seahorses were as beautiful as I'd remembered from my visit with jonay, and due to the crowds, even harder to photograph. We had a splendid time, despite, and made our way in the unseasonably cold Chicago winds to the parking lot.

We made a stop at a Starbuck's for a steaming cup of joe and more chatting. Finally, it was time to close. I hated for this one to end. I could have talked with Sass for days, easily, and look forward to his promised return.

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  Sass and matching frog. Please note that I did enhance the frog's color in the photograph, as its brilliant blue didn't properly show in the photo. It really was just that color, though.
  wooman's amazed by the likeness of the fish to Sass' hair.
  Stunning nautiluses (nautili?) in a night-lit tank. Aren't they beautiful?
  Little crabby with his feathery appendages out...
  And in one goes into his mouth.
  Mr. Octopus shows his face, and promptly changes from red to white.
  He changes back and comes out to scare us.
  He's gonna get us...
Got us. You know, on second thought, maybe he's just an exhibitionist.
woo, Beef and Sass at the dolphin show. Nice chin angle, Beef. And yes, she IS eating a booger.
Dolphins like to show off.
I just love the seahorses.
Seadragons are cool, man.

The seadragons are pretending to be leaves. Er, uh, no, the leaves are pretending to be seadragons. Er, hell, I dunno!

This little guy's a pipefish, I think. Goofy little fella.
We realized after some time how patriotic we appeared together. So we stood out on the street singing our National Anthem.
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